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10 Moonstone Healing Stones Showcase

woman holding peach moonstone heart and sphere In this Moonstone showcase, we highlight 10 crystals that take you to the moon and back. Look at these glistening crystals that radiate with lunar light and high healing. Moonstone eggs, pyramids, hearts, and tumbles have you feeling fine.

The moon radiates with magical mystical mystery. When you work with Moonstone healing crystals, you capture the power of the moon in the palm of your hands.

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Do Moonstone stones match my energy?

You can benefit from Moonstone if one or more of these statements sounds familiar:

  • I am mesmerized by the moon

  • I enjoy doing magic at night

  • I want to feel empowered

  • I have an interest in astrology

  • I prefer my Solar Plexus chakra flowing with happy vibes

  • I wish to develop my intuitive Third Eye

  • I like natural crystals with flashes and rainbow sheen

Learn more about Moonstone and how its crystal healing properties can benefit you.

Top 10 Moonstone Healing Stones

Moonstone is so popular and beloved. At Satin Crystals, we offer you a colorful variety of Moonstone in many forms. There's something for everyone.

Here are the top 10 picks in crystal healing eggs, pyramids, hearts, and tumbled stones:

#1 Cream Moonstone Egg Ingredients of Happiness 

A dash of cream, a stunning sheen, and a Moonstone crystal egg is the key ingredients to happiness. This cream Moonstone egg glimmers with the best things in life.

Positive Affirmation: "I know the ingredients of happiness"

#2 Moonstone Tourmaline Egg New Beginnings

Celestial Rainbow Moonstone laced with intense Black Tourmaline calms your soul instantly. This lunar egg delivers you with the psychic energy of Moonstone and the protective force of Tourmaline.

Positive Affirmation: "Every moment is a new life"

#3 Peach Moonstone Egg Peachy Keen Healing

This real Peach Moonstone egg has you feeling peachy keen. Lift your spirit high into the sky with the lunar energy of Moonstone. Nature's eye-catching gemstone has you seeing the brighter side of every situation. 

Positive Affirmation: "I feel peachy keen"

#4 Moonstone Tourmaline Pyramid Astral Travel 

Touch the energy of Goddess Luna with this sacred Moonstone Tourmaline pyramid. Astral travel to the moon, stars, and space when you hold incredible Moonstone pyramids in your hands.

Positive Affirmation: "I astral travel to the moon and back"

#5 Zebra Moonstone Heart Yummy Marble Cake

This heart is made from beautiful Zebra Moonstone crystal with a yellow tone and dark brown patterns like a delicious marble cake. Also called Zebradorite, the puffy gemstone will win your love. 

Positive Affirmation: "I enjoy a delicious slice of life"

#6 Moonstone Tourmaline Heart Lunar Love 

Your love for the moon, crystals, and everything beautiful is encompassed in the energy of this stunning Moonstone Tourmaline heart.  It is a perfect piece for embarking safely on new adventures in love and life.  

Positive Affirmation: "I love the moon, crystals, and everything beautiful" 

#7 Peach Moonstone Heart I Love the Moon 

"My heart belongs to the moon." If you love lunar energy, this Peach Moonstone Heart is a true blessing. It attracts cool yin vibes and hot true love to your realm.  

Positive Affirmation: "My heart belongs to the moon" 

#8 Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone Full Moon Set

Your Rainbow Moonstone tumbled stone set contains big hefty gems that harness the powers of the sacred Full Moon. Charge the chunky Moonstone tumbles under the moonlight each night for psychic vibes.

Positive Affirmation: "I cherish the psychic Full Moon"

#9 Peach Moonstone Tumbled Stones Moonshine Set

Imagine bathing in a cool, calming pool of moonlight. These shimmering Peach Moonstone tumbled stones shower you with the loving lunar light. 

Positive Affirmation: "Moonlight shines on me"

#10 Solar Plexus Chakra Sun & Moon Tumbled Set 

Your new crystal healing set includes 12 Yellow Jasper and 12 Peach Moonstone tumbled stones. What perfect gems to balance Sun and Moon vibes in your life.

Positive Affirmation: "I am one with the celestial superpowers"

How do I charge Moonstone?

Moonstone healing crystals gain their energy from the moon. For the most powerful results, energetically cleanse and charge your crystal under the moonlight. You can place them in the garden or windowsill.

A Selenite plate makes the perfect charger for your Moonstone healing crystals. Selenite is one of the top 3 Moon crystals, alongside Moonstone and Labradorite.

Do you want to supercharge your Moonstone? Learn how to super-charge your Moonstone in a Lunar Eclipse

More Moonstone for Me

Shop the Full Moonstone Collection at Satin Crystals, or conveniently get your favorite pieces now:

Moonstone crystal resources 

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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