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12 Free Malachite Affirmations

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Why Should I Recite Malachite Affirmations?

Malachite is one of the most powerful gemstones out there. Malachite is so incredible that it's actually nicknamed the Power Stone. 

This healing stone digs way deep into your psyche and uncovers stuff you never got around to resolving. That could be quite intense, which is why people working with Malachite also use a gentler complimentary crystal to nurture them through the transition, like Rose Quartz or Larimar.

Are you ready to gain power?


Then you're ready for Malachite affirmations.

    12 Malachite Affirmations

    Here are 12 free affirmations based on the healing properties of Malachite. Gather your Malachite stones and start manifesting your desires

    Malachite for Healing Deep Trauma:

    • I release the shadows of my past, forgiving myself and everyone else who harmed me in such a deep way.
    • The power of Malachite resonates deep within my soul, breaking apart the traumas that have been living there for so long. I release these traumas into the light and start anew.
    • I give thanks to the experiences of the past, as they no longer hurt me but serve as medals of achievement in my life. I learned my lessons and move forward as a winner.

    Malachite for Lucky Good Fortune:

    • I call upon my guardian pixies, sprites, gnomes and leprechauns to make me the luckiest person alive.
    • My life is as green, abundant, and as bright as real Malachite and I frolick in fields of money, merriment, and meaning.
    • I break apart the glass-ceilings of my life and soar higher than ever before, touching rainbows and winning pots of gold.

    Malachite for the Heart Chakra:

    • My love is as solid and bold as a Malachite stone, and I attract a mate who appreciates what I can give.
    • My heart chakra is open and I am lucky in love.
    • My heart heals from the deep fractures of the past and I become a better lover thanks to my experiences.

    Malachite for Past Life Therapy:

    • The patterns of the past are as vivid and beautiful as a Malachite mosaic. I release the habits that no longer serve me and enhance the ones that do.
    • I apologize for the pain I have caused others in this life and past lives, and I cleanse my karma so I may forge ahead on the path of spirituality.
    • The skeletons of the past can no longer haunt me because I am protected by Malachite and I am the maker of my own will. 

    Make your own Malachite Affirmations

    Do you want to personalize your Malachite affirmations to match your exact life situation and desires?


    Check out this simple guide on How to Properly Write Affirmations.

    Your Turn to Affirm

    Are you ready to use these Malachite affirmations for healing? 

    Do you have any questions, stories or comments about Malachite affirmation? We are happy to hear from you anytime.  

    Keep the positive affirmations coming, join the Satin Crystals VIP club for healing inspiration all year long

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