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3 Must Have Office Crystals

Quartz Crystal Ball

Three crystals you must have in your office

You may work at home or you may work in another location, regardless of where you are when you conduct business, you always want to be your best. Allowing even the slightest negativity into your work day can make it difficult to clear your mind and continue through your day.

Remember, you don't have to simply wait for a vibe from your crystals to know that it's working. You can look at a crystal and know that it is a reminder that you need to take a deep breath or to remind yourself to smile. Crystals are going to always be there to help you throughout your work day. Leave them in your drawer in your desk, in your briefcase, or wherever you spend the most time during your work day. Crystals can play an important role in your work day.

Here are three crystals that you will want to put in your office:


You will want to add quartz to your collection of office crystals for many reasons. Quartz gives off a positive energy both when you look at it and when you touch it and hold it. Quartz can help you stay focused, conscious of the task at hand, clear about what you want to accomplish, and vibrate the energy you need to take care of business.


Like a ray of sunshine, Citrine can have an instant positive effect on your mind. This yellow crystal is a sign of happiness and also promotes positive financial energy. Brighten up your day and anyone who holds the crystal in their hand. Life is good when Citrine is at your desk. Place it on top of your desk to visually remind you to smile.


This green crystal is going to be a visual reminder of how to best deal with co-workers that you may not get along with or if have a disagreement with. Not everyone gets along at the office all of the time and instead of wearing the grief, replace it with the energy from malachite. Malachite energy goes directly to the heart helping you to solve any problems that may be at hand. Problems or hard feelings won't sit and stir around while this crystal is in your view.

Malachite Alligator on Amethyst Geode

Promote a good vibration at work, be honest with your co-workers and yourself with Malachite around. To get the most out of this crystal, hold it in your hand, take slow deep breaths, and then stand up and deal with the issues that are bringing you down.

Your office crystals are going to help you stay focused so you can do your work and get home. Everyone needs help from time to time and crystals can play an important role in helping you to succeed at your job.

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