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4 Healing Crystals for New Beginnings

couple in the park wearing bright colors and lots of Satin Crystal healing jewelry

Every New Year we contemplate how we can refresh our lives with resolutions and healthier lifestyles. A fresh start is always a welcome thing. A second, a third or a tenth chance to start over and get things right is always an attractive offer.

Once you have your resolutions in mind, here are 4 healing crystals that can help you through new beginnings:

Waxing with Moonstone

Also known as the stone of New Beginnings, Moonstone is the ultimate aide in transitioning into a fresh start. Moonstone vibrates with the energies of the Moon, and as you know, the Moon is constantly waxing and waning through its cycle. With calming energies, the Moon cycles this change every season with grace and ease.

Wear and mentally program Moonstone jewelry to slide you into your new beginnings with smooth success. Hold Moonstone healing crystals during your manifestations to focus on success and new beginnings. Surround your home with Moonstone shapes to align your surroundings with your new goals. 

Quartz the Master of Change

Quartz is also known as the Master Healing crystal. It helps boost general empowerment and self- healing energies. In general, Quartz is used to boost the strength of your aura, and this is a necessary step in any venture into the unknown. You want to be strong and healthy going into a new beginning.

Place Quartz healing crystals in the areas of your life that you are wishing to change. For example, if this is the year where you are going to finally get those arms in shape, wear Quartz bracelets to keep you focused. If you have made a resolution to reduce the stress in your life, keep Quartz polished stones in your pocket to use as worry stones whenever you are feeling off-track.

New love with Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is best known for refreshing the energies of the Heart Chakra. Since most of us need a refreshment in this area, Chrysoprase crystals can aid in this transition. Whether it be opening our heart to new friendships, new relationships or attaining self-love, Chrysoprase is the healing crystal for this purpose. Make it a new beginning for your heart by balancing and opening the energy at your Heart Chakra.

The best way to balance the Heart chakra would be to wear Chrysoprase necklaces physically over your heart area. You can place Chrysoprase healing crystals directly on the heart as you lie in bed or relaxing in savasana pose at the end of your yoga practice. Make this new year the one where positive relationships with yourself and others flow freely into your life.

Carnelian for Career Changes

One of Carnelian's healing properties is to bring success in your career-related endeavors. If this is one of your resolutions for the new year, Carnelian is your stone. Use Carnelian healing crystals to achieve new beginnings in your career and open up doors you never realized were shut. 

Wear or carry Carnelian with you during interviews, auditions, promotion inquiries, and other potential work goals. Before your impending meeting, use Carnelian to visualize yourself gaining the position you are seeking. This orange Agate stone vibrates with the energies of the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is also the energy center for creative flow. With Carnelian you will find creative ways to be successful in your career goals this year. 

Clarify and Solidify with Crystals

These are just a few of the healing crystals that you will want for focusing on your new year’s goals. New beginnings can be an exciting yet intimidating time. Healing stones help bring a physical reality to your desires and manifestations. They help you focus your goals on something organic and concrete. Make your new beginnings crystal clear this year!


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