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5 Moldavite Bestsellers are Back-in-Stock

sheila of satin crystals wearing moldavite necklaces and earringsYour fave Moldavite pieces are back. These real Moldavite gems are so popular, they sold out at the speed of light. Now they're back!

Cosmic Moldavite is known to bring quick transformations to your life. Try it yourself! Grab these Moldavite treasures before they zoom off again. 

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5 Bestseller Moldavites are Back

You love real Moldavite. That's why you love Satin Crystals' Moldavite:

#1 Moldavite Necklace High Vibration Gem

Gaze into the mysterious depths of your new Moldavite gemstone as it transports you to the great Unknown. Wear the Green Tektite necklace and vibrate at a higher frequency. This galactic treasure shows you how to let go of life's little dramas and move into a Universe of positivity. LEARN MORE.

#2 Moldavite Bracelet Halley's Comet

Only once in your lifetime does Halley's Comet make her debut across Earth. This elegant Moldavite bracelet captures the rare essence of her cosmic beauty. Real, faceted Moldavite accompanies you on your transcendence from ordinary to extraordinary. The natural Tektite gemstone orbits your wrist while sterling silver makes a spectacular, shimmering statement. LEARN MORE.

#3 Moldavite Pendant Powerful Secrets

Did you know that you can own your very own slice of space? This rugged, raw, and real Moldavite pendant brings you secrets of the stars. Show it off front and center or slip it under your shirt to keep it as your cosmic secret. LEARN MORE.

#4 Moldavite Pendant Big Alien Green

So you like your Moldavite large, real, and full of deep space powers? This Big Alien Moldavite sterling silver pendant is the juicy piece of rare dark green Tektite that you have been waiting for. Make a colossal statement when you wear the awesome gemstone on your favorite necklace chain. LEARN MORE.

#5 Moldavite Tektite Alien Shark Fin

Moldavite Shark has traveled a long way through the time and space continuum to bring you the power of the cosmos. Shark spins the law of attraction in your favor, allowing you to go after your goals fearlessly. Be the big fish in your pond of existence. When suspended in its zero-gravity display box, lucky Moldavite makes a unique decor that is sure to get folks talking.  LEARN MORE.


Your Moldavite Astral Journey

Are you excited about authentic Moldavite jewelry? What pieces are you missing?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can comment on the blog below. 

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