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7 Essential Crystals for Beginners

7 essential chakra crystals for beginners


Hi Lisa & Sheila Satin, do you offer a beginners Chakras Set?

I am going through difficult financial & personal times and I am having feelings of a disconnect in all areas of my life. I have always been different on all levels, I have recently learned, based on information that I have researched that I may be an empath, I’ve been this way since I was a young child, I just could not determine if I was anti-social, socially awkward or just different. Recently my son had a conversation with a friend of his mother and he too feels that he is different while experiencing difficulties in life of both confusion, loss of trust and just the unknown. Both my son & feel different and ironically we’ve been told that we are healers, deep thinkers among other things.

Would you please recommend a 7 essential crystals for beginners set?

Also, how & what must I do in order to cleanse my crystals? 

Is it true that I must first lie on my back with one crystal on each chakra as follows:

  • Root - smoky quartz 
  • Sacral - carnelian 
  • Solar plexus - citrine 
  • Heart - rose quartz 
  • Throat - chalcedony 
  • Third eye - amethyst 
  • Crown - clear quartz

Must I Lie on my back for about ten minutes with the crystals in place, focusing on my breathing. My root chakra crystal should be just beneath my root chakra (between my legs) and the crown crystal should be just above the top of my head. Place all other crystals directly on my body. 

Then must I Cleanse the crystals after use?

Please give me any information, advice, suggestions and or recommendations. I am new to this and still a bit uneducated while I learn about my Chakras. Thank you so much.

7 Essential crystals for beginners


Thank you for your inquiry.  Learning about and using crystals is a great way to get deeper in touch with your spiritual side and Higher Self, and it sounds like you are ready to begin the journey.

First of all, we don't believe there is any "set rule" to what crystals you must use for each chakra.  In fact, there are several crystals that align with the chakras, and we suggest you use the one that draws you intuitively. 

Each person's energy is different, so we cannot assign a hard and fast rule to which stones you should use.  However, we have detailed information on each of the chakras on our website, and the tutorials have a variety of suggestions for stones that correspond with those chakras.  You can start by reading about Chakra Balancing, our Chakra Tutorial , The Root Chakra page and from that page make your way up the 7 chakras until you get to our Crown Chakra page.

In addition, we offer a variety of video tutorials, including Chakra Layouts and Chakra cleansing. Start at our Satin Crystals Video Tutorials page and search the clips that may be of interest to you.

As for your question regarding how to Clean/Charge/Program crystals, we have detailed information about the entire process on our website as well. Start at our Crystal Care page and check out our numerous other references and tutorials. 

When you have an understanding of the basics, it can help you choose a chakra set that is great for you.  Here is a link to our Chakra Sets offered at Satin Crystals. The one that's meant for you will be the one that speaks loudest to your energies.  Alternatively, check out our Entire Collection as there may be something else that draws you instead.  All our stones have positive energies so there's no hard and fast rule on which to select, and no wrong answer.

Hope this helps and we wish you good vibes on the journey,

Lisa Satin 

Satin Crystals

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