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9 New Arrival Holiday Gift Crystals and Jewelry

sheila of satin crystals holding up a fluorite hexagon cabochon It's the heart of the holiday season and you're stuck on gift ideas. Put your worries to rest! Nine new crystals and jewelry designs have arrived at Satin Crystals just in time for easy gifting.

Check out these festive new gemstones and jewels from stocking stuffers to premium statement stones that will make you a hit. Your generosity will shine bright this season when you gift impressive healing stones.

9 New Crystal Holiday Arrivals

Stocking Stuffer Gems

Do you need little trinkets that make a big impact? Check out these three brand new crystals:

#1 Yellow Aventurine Ball

The warm yellow tones of this little Aventurine ball not only match the cozy vibes of the holiday but this gemstone rakes in prosperity. Everyone loves receiving abundance!

"I love money, honey!" If you adore abundance, you'll go wild for this Yellow Aventurine sphere. It attracts positively prosperous thoughts to your mind. If you are ready to indulge in a sweet pot of golden honey, this crystal ball will work well for you." READ MORE.

#2 Fluorite Hexagon

This Fluorite Hexagon is a sacred shape that gives tribute to the deeper meaning of the holidays. The recipient of this tiny gem will feel big spiritual gains and an attitude of gratitude toward you.

"Gaze into this Fluorite Hexagon cabochon, as it's the window to wisdom. Fluorite helps you focus your mind, and the sacred shape lifts your thoughts to higher ideals. This beautiful green gemstone is perfect for crystal layouts, grids, and jewelry making." READ MORE.

#3 Carnelian Flames

Bright and festive, Carnelian is a holiday champion. Gift this raw gemstone pair to someone who's a romantic, a charmer, a dreamer, or a doer.

"Real raw red Carnelians strike your soul like two flames of fire. Feel the heat rising within when you hold these two beauties in hand. Suddenly, your aura glows and you become a magnet of romantic energy. Attractive people and lucky situations are your new norm. Gain confidence with the unbeatable power of this Carnelian gemstone pair." READ MORE.

Stocking Stuffer Jewelry

Slip these gorgeous jewelry pieces into their stockings and they'll love you through the holidays and beyond:

#4 Green Aventurine Bracelet

Whoever receives this Green Aventurine bracelet is in for a double treat. Not only is it a perfect delight for the holidays, but the bracelet attracts great abundance for a prosperous New Year.

"If you relate to the statement 'Abundance is my style', then this Green Aventurine bracelet is your match. Don't just wish for abundance, wear it. This gemstone bracelet attracts quality materials to your physical reality and meaningful experiences to your spiritual realm. Show off your love for prosperity with this Green Aventurine bracelet." READ MORE.

#5 Bloodstone Pendant

This Bloodstone pendant is a Christmas winner. With jolly green, sparks of red, even hints of yellow... it's the perfect little point that points your giftee to a jolly good time.

"The joy of the holiday seasons should not be restricted to winters. This festive Bloodstone pendant brings you the happy energy of celebration every single day. Wear it on a necklace to feel merry vibes 365 days a year." READ MORE.

#6 Black Tourmaline Hexagon Pendant

Ooh La La, it's a Black Tourmaline Hexagon pendant that's just right for men, women, and anyone else on your shopping list. Black Tourmaline is loved for its protective powers, while this Hexagon represents the sacred spiritual season.

"Have no fear, your Black Tourmaline hexagon pendant is here. This heavy-duty protection stone wards off bad thoughts and useless anxiety. The sacred hexagon transports you into spiritual serenity so you don't fall into a downward spiral. Grab the bull by the horns and control your life with the help of this Black Tourmaline pendant." READ MORE.

...and don't forget to add a chain if you'd like to make it a necklace!

Deluxe Statement Gifts

What awaits under the tree? Watch their eyes light up with delight as they unbox these gorgeous gemstones that you have chosen with care.

#1 Crystal Healing Set

This complete healing set makes its debut just in time for some holiday love. When you really want to wow a crystal lover, the Chakra Cleansing Kit does the job. 

"Find a new enlightened you through this gorgeous Chakra cleansing set. Sacred Palos Santo smoke cleans and purifies your gems. Shimmering white Selenite channels moon power to keep your crystals charged. With this set, you are ready to rejuvenate all seven chakras at a moment's notice. Don't settle for dull when you can be brilliant." READ MORE.

#2 Copper Wand

The holidays are truly magical, aren't they? Glimmering with energy, this Copper wand embodies the spirit of miracles. It'll be a hit among crystal lovers young and old.

"Accelerate your crystal healing abilities with this incredible Copper wand. Copper is the ultimate electric energy conductor. Here it teams up with Clear Quartz to form a wand that delivers results. Use your shiny scepter for chakra balancing, reiki, meridian work, and any other rituals of your choice." READ MORE.


#3 Lapis Pyramid

O Holy Night, the stars are shining brighter with the blessing of this sacred Lapis Lazuli pyramid. The superior blue stone is a favorite for spiritually-minded healers.

"Royal and prime, this Lapis Lazuli pyramid is a stone gifted from the gods. Funnel spiritual energy into your realm through the intuitive gemstone blessed with sparkling pyrite minerals. When you're looking to elevate your evolution, look no further than this Lapis Lazuli pyramid." READ MORE.

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Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

Hi Zulay,

New subscribers to Satin Crystals list get 10% off their first order. Please check your inbox or spam box for the welcome video we sent to you when you enrolled. If you can’t find it, you can use the code WELCOMETOSC at checkout and redeem your 10% off.

zulay - November 25, 2021

I Need Help Can you give me a discount code?

Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

Hi Julia,

Thanks for writing!

Amethyst is certainly a special stone that aligns well with spiritual Reiki vibrations. The ones you listed are all important and major crystals that can help in your Reiki practice and when you become a healer.

Here are the Top 10 recommended crystals for you to look through:

As it sounds like you already know what you like, I would say follow your intuition!

If you have any questions, please write to us again :)

Julia S - November 25, 2021

Hi Sheila,hope you are well,i’m very drawn to Amythest as it’s my birth stone,however i do like clear quartz,rose quartz, black tourmaline,turquiose,lapis lazuli to name a few.I also practice Reiki and would like to incorporate crystals in my treatment,also going on a crystal reiki course at some point,do you have any suggestions what i could use to enhance my Reiki treatments please.Many thanks

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