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Whether it’s your dad, brother, son or best friend, he’ll love not getting another boring old t-shirt or tie. Expand your horizons and his with crystal healing accessories that will fit in to his every day lifestyle.  Here are three crystal accessory gift ideas for him:

Bracelets: Many men love the flexibility of stretch bracelets. They don't have to fiddle with a clasp or squeeze into a cuff. With stretch cord, these bracelets are easy to slip on and off and are quickly forgotten about as he goes about his day. You can choose him stretch bracelets in tons of different healing crystals and styles, so you'll be set for the rest of your gift giving days. 

Cufflinks: Dress up his suit for those fancier parties with a pair of cufflinks. Cufflinks inately provide a sense of confidence, authority and command. Cufflinks come in an assortment of shiny stones and metals. 

Keychains: Rev up those engines, a crystal keychain is the perfect way for you and your energy to go with the man in your life, wherever he may go. Whether he is taking a joyride or traveling for business, he will be reminded of your presence whenever he sees the earthy stone dangling from his keys. 

3 Suggested Crystals for Men

Unakite is a mottled stone of pink Feldspar and olive green Epidote. Both of this muted colors correspond with the heart chakra, great to get his love energies flowing to the world. By opening the Heart, Unakite also activates the creative juices that will make him a success in his artistic endeavors. 

Lapis is a hearty blue stone with flecks of gold Pyrite inclusions. He will find a deep peace in Lapis, calming the chaos of everyday dealings. 

Tigers Eye is a popular stone among men. This manly brown stone brings confidence, courage and grounding. It is also great for logical thinking in business dealings. Give him the balance he needs in the new year to charge towards success!

Satin Crystals Giftee

The above 6 recommendations for accessories and stones are a great place to start in your new crystal healing, gift-giving adventures. Of course, each man will be different in their jewelry and healing crystal preference, so take a look around the Satin Crystals boutique and see what pops out at you that will best fit the energy of your intended giftee!

Author: Sheila Satin

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