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Crystal Healing for Strawberry Full Moon

cresent moonstone moon pendant in front of full moon printThe Strawberry Full Moon is coming, and it happens to be a Lunar Eclipse!

You must take advantage of this rare phenomenon and its deliciously beneficial energies. Kick-off the summer right by gathering your Strawberry Full Moon crystals today to be ready in time for next week's Strawberry sky. See below for the gemstone recommendations.

What is a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse?

When you gaze up into the midnight sky and see the glorious big bright moon completely rounded, you have caught the Full Moon. It happens about once a month. Sometimes, a part of the moon appears blocked because of the Earth's shadow, forming an eclipse. 

To learn in detailed information about a full moon, lunar eclipse, and their meanings, visit our Lunar Eclipse and Full Moons page. 

When is the Strawberry Full Moon Lunar Eclipse?

Coming up on Friday, June 5, 2020, is a penumbral Lunar Eclipse. It begins at 17:45:51 Universal time. It will be visible from some parts of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, the Pacific Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.

To find out if the Lunar Eclipse will be visible from where you are, and the local time of its starting point, see the Time and Date website. 

Whether or not you will be able to see the Strawberry Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the energy will be permeating across Earth and your crystals will be vibrating extra fast when you charge them in the garden or windowsill.

Spiritual Meaning of the Strawberry Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The June Full Moon is called the Strawberry Full Moon. It is named such because this is the time that wild strawberries begin to ripen. Another name for the June Full Moon is Rose Moon because of the blooming roses. Hot Moon is another nickname for the June Full Moon because it is the kick-off to summer. Mead Moon is a name that indicated it was time to mow the meads or meadows.

Regardless of what you want to call it, the June Full Moon is about enjoying the fruits of your labor. While you toiled in strife to plant seeds of success in the spring, summer is here and you get to indulge.

If you have a workaholic or high achieving personality, it is especially important that you change your mindset with the Strawberry Full Moon. You cannot always be on alert and full work mode, you must balance this with some fun. You know the phrase "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." During this Full Moon, it's critical that you let go of the workload mentality and make way for some fun and relaxation. Life is a playground, after all.

If you already have a relaxed personality, this Full Moon cycle comes easier for you. Embrace your spontaneous, fun-loving personality, and go on a fun trip or vacation. Even if you can't travel far, you know exactly what to do to get yourself in a good mood.  

Lunar Eclipse Crystals

The three crystals that hold the strongest Moon energies are Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite. Moonstone and Selenite best represent a Full Moon, while Labradorite symbolizes the New Moon and Eclipsed Moon.

Satin Crystals has created magical moon pendants and magic moon earrings for you to wear during the lunar eclipse. 

You can also find a treasure trove of gemstones in spheres, eggs, wands, and more when you visit:

moon pendant

Crystals for the June 5 Lunar Eclipse

Along with your traditional Moon crystals, there are three recommended crystals to use for this specific Strawberry Lunar Eclipse of June 5, 2020. 

You will want to clean the stone energetically, charge them under the Lunar Eclipse, and then program them for your desired intention.

As you learned, it's all about enjoying the fruits of life. While that comes easy for some, it's quite difficult for others. See which of these you need. It may be one, two, or all three.

The 3 recommended crystals are:

rubellite tourmaline spherePink Tourmaline: Pink and Red Rubellite Tourmaline scream of strawberry essence. When you take hold of your Tourmaline gemstone, it reminds you to let go and indulge in the sweet fruits of life. You work so hard, you deserve to have summer fun. It eases up the Type A personality- you are still a hard worker and a high achiever but Pink Tourmaline allows you to produce results without getting caught up in the stress. 

Not only is Pink Tourmaline the perfect Strawberry representative of the gem world, but it is also one of the most protective stones out there. This June while society is re-opening its doors and your fears are at an all-time high, Tourmaline keeps you mentally safe and sound. 

malachite sphereMalachite: This stone is your pick if you are the carefree type who could actually use a little grounding. While the Strawberry Full Moon is about indulging in your fruits, you might have the personality that tends to go a little overboard. Malachite is the stone of responsibility that will infuse you with the proper sense of balance and keep you safe this summer by allowing you to make wise choices.

The green meadow essence of Malachite aligns perfectly with this Mead Moon. It gives you the energy of the flourishing Earth to help ground and nourish your dreamy personality. Malachite says "Be you this Moon cycle, but let me guide you as we walk the path of spiritual freedom."

faceted ruby gemstoneRuby: Ruby is a juicy and precious crystal that shines especially bright in the Strawberry Eclipse. It brings out the passion and fire within you. Have you become complacent and lost your zest for life? Come alive again with the incredible power of Ruby, and seize the summer days. Good times don't last forever because we have our ups and downs, but Ruby allows you to capture happy moments and joyous feelings during the high tide.

ruby zoisite eggWhen you pick Ruby studded in Fuchsite or Zoisite, you feel as though you are running carefree through a field of strawberries and roses. When you pick Ruby included in heavenly blue Kyanite, your soul feels as though it's floating up in the clouds. These crystals give you the mental break that you deserve this summer.

Your Lunar Connection

Are you excited to bask in the bright Strawberry Lunar Eclipse? Have you used healing crystals that correspond with the Lunar Eclipse before? Are you fascinating with the movements of the sky?

We are happy to answer any questions or hear your crystal comments, jot them down below, or contact us directly anytime. 

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