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Crystal Healing for Total Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020

hand holding red jasper sphere
Embrace yourself and your crystals, because a rare Total Solar Eclipse is on the horizon! This is the second and final eclipse of the year; you just can't miss it.

Let the energy of this powerful astrological event lift you as you prepare to enter a new year. Find out what the December solar eclipse means for you, and how to harness your healing crystals to capture those special sun rays and moonbeams.

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What is a Solar Eclipse?

When the Moon passes between the sun and the earth, a solar eclipse takes place. A shadow stretches across our planet, and there is a moment of darkness. There are two types of Solar Eclipses- annular and total. 

See the 2020 Solar Eclipse and Sun Crystals guide to learn detailed information about the Solar Eclipse and additional solar activities that benefit you.

When is the Solar Eclipse of 2020?

On June 21st, we had an Annular solar eclipse. The upcoming Total Solar Eclipse will take place on December 14th.

To find out the timing of the Total Solar Eclipse according to your city or country, visit the Lunar Time and Date site. Check out the chart and look for the New Moon of December 14th. There you can find the timing and information based on your location.

Wherever you are in the world, you will benefit by doing crystal healing under the Solar Eclipse. You'll win the vibrations of the Sun, Moon, and Earth all at once. It's a powerful mix of energy that doesn't happen often- so be sure to prepare ahead of time.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Total Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020?

The Solar Eclipse is a time for you to see the light. Secrets are revealed, darkness is released, and opportunities are highlighted.

During the Total Solar Eclipse, you may observe what is known as the "ring of fire". This ring is a symbol of infinite wisdom, cycles, and new beginnings. It puts you back in touch with your soul's purpose and asks you to think philosophically.

It also reminds you of your physical mortality and your spiritual immortality. Act accordingly, because life is a precious gift- but not a permanent one.

The Total Solar Eclipse of December 2020 is especially important because the world has shared a collective experience of darkness. The pandemic has taken a global toll on human health, the economy, and morale. No one has skated through this year unscathed. 

The Total Solar Eclipse marks a significant turning point, not only in the world's progressive course but also because a new year awaits. Whereas many astrological events are a time for self-discovery and renewing your spirituality, this Eclipse is about the greater good. It is a time to come together and drive civilization off this path of destruction.

Each person has a purpose and a way to assist in this common goal. Harness the power of the Total Eclipse to keep grounded and caring via earth energy, psychic and intuitive New Moon energy, and active and driven via Sun energy.

Meditate and contemplate under the Total Solar Eclipse on your mission. What is your part in this great wheel of life? 

The Best Crystal for this Total Solar Eclipse

red jasper sphere

Red Jasper is the crystal that best serves you and your fellow earthlings during the Total Solar Eclipse of December 14th. When you use Red Jasper for crystal healing on this day, your stone will remain energized and useful for several months. They can be recharged under the next Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021. 

The reason Red Jasper is the stone for this Eclipse is that it best represents that bright and eternal red of fire. As the sky basks in a momentary flow of red, your Red Jasper will absorb these powerful rays and store them within its crystalline structure. You will have the power of the eclipse with you as you contemplate your life goals and how you can be a contribution of positive force to this world in pain.

Red Jasper infused with the Total Solar Eclipse will also strengthen your Root chakra and physical body. It is a motivator, a coach, and a blaze of energy. You may have felt defeated in parts of 2020, but you are ready to refill that inner fire and go full force into the new year. You be you, and let Red Jasper power you up.

3 Red Jasper Crystal Rituals for the Solar Eclipse

Are you ready for the rare Solar Eclipse? Get your Red Jasper now at Satin Crystals. Infuse and hold onto this Red Jasper for the next 6 months until the next Solar Eclipse.

There are three rituals associated with this eclipse. The first one follows the theme of collectively aiding humanity. The second is how to harness Eclipse energy for your material gain. The third is about gaining spiritual insight via this monumental occurrence. These follow the formula of Earth, Sun, and Moon.

Ritual #1: Uplifting the Collective Experience of Earth

  • Carry or wear your Red Jasper stones and jewelry during the Solar Eclipse.

  • As the Sun is blocked by the Moon, close your eyes and take a moment to reflect on what you can do to change the course of humanity. What is your role in all of this? Let the answer comes to you through your Third Eye, as though the sunbeams are enlightening you with knowledge. Don't think and analyze, just receive your message. If for some reason it isn't clear, you can meditate upon the stones that same night and receive your mission.

  • Keep your Red Jasper stones and jewels close to you over the next 6 months and let them energize you to do your part in making this world a better place.

Ritual #2: Harnessing the Sunbeams for your Personal Gain

  • Carry or wear Red Jasper stones and jewelry during the Solar Eclipse. Alternatively, place them outside or near the windowsill all day long so they soak up the sunbeams of the Total Eclipse.

  • The following day, your stones will be super-charged and ready for programming. Program your stone for a personal benefit of your choice. Examples can be a fitter body, greater wealth, success in career, stellar relationships, etc. The more specific the better. 

  • When the stone(s) are programmed, lie down, and place them on or around your Root chakra. Imagine the unbeatable force of solar power enter through your Root chakra and up your body. Feel yourself being charged like a battery, ready to go after your goals. 

  • Place your Red Jasper stones in the areas related to your goals. For example, if it's work or career-oriented, place them near your desk. If it's a social goal, the crystal can go in your living room. Relationship benefits would see results when you place them in the bedroom, etc. There they shall remain for the next 6-month cycle. Hold or do healing with the stones any time you need a boost or a reminder to stay your course.
  • The Red Jasper jewelry can be worn often throughout the 6 months to keep you going.

Ritual #3: Harnessing the Moonbeams for your Spiritual Gain

  • Carry or wear your Red Jasper stones and jewelry during the Solar Eclipse. Keep them there overnight so they are extra infused by the New Moon and its psychic yin forces.

  • The following day, your stones will be super-charged and ready for programming. You will focus on a spiritual goal for this ritual. Examples can be: healthier chakras, clarity in clairvoyance, trusting your intuition, meeting your spirit guides, attaining deeper meditations, etc. The more specific, the better.

  • Place the Red Jasper stones on your Third Eye chakra. Feel it pulse, opening your higher chakras and expanding your mind.
  • Throughout the next 6 months cycle, you can use these stones often in spiritual-related practices such as meditation, positive affirmations, crystal layouts, psychic readings, and more.
  • Wear the Red Jasper jewelry to feel the Total Eclipse force with you throughout the next 6 months. 

What are Sun Crystals?

Red Jasper is your choice stone for this Solar Eclipse. It can be used in conjunction with other powerful sun crystals. 

Visit the Sun Crystal Collection to discover stones that call to you. Learn about how each of the three sun crystals benefits you:

sunstone sphere

Sunstone: The Ultimate Sun Crystal that you must-have for all solar events.

amber circle

Amber: A cheery Sun Crystal that immortalizes time.

citrine sphere

Citrine: The best crystal to harness the abundance, bounty, and generous nature of the sun.

calcite sphere

Golden Calcite: This sun crystal can be gazed into as it lights the way, revealing your path in clarity.

jasper yellow sphere

Yellow Jasper: This crystal brings you the best combination of sun and earth forces, keeping you in total balance and harmony.

golden yellow quartz ball

Golden Healer Quartz: This is the choice of sun crystals for healers who want to help themselves and others overcome ailments using natural energy.

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Your Solar Connection

Do you have questions about the upcoming Solar Eclipse? Perhaps you have experiences in the past you'd like to share.

We are happy to answer any questions or hear your crystal comments, jot them down below, or contact us directly anytime. 

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