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Crystal Jewelry for Her: A Gift Guide

Gift Guide: Crystals for Her - Satin Crystals Boutique

Jewelry for She who has it All

We all know that woman who seems to have it all. Why not get her the gift of a beautiful handmade crystal necklace, bracelet or earrings to accent and dress up her outfits. Help her shine her brightest at parties, stand out from the mundane workplace and create a unique style for her every day outfit. Here are some of the jewelry types for your consideration:

Necklaces: We offer one-of-a-kind chokers, chains, knotted and beaded stone necklaces for fashion, chakra balancing and crystal healing needs. Choose from different lengths, styles, stones and energies.

Bracelets:  Our bracelets are designed with attention to detail and style, in colors and shapes that elevate healing crystal jewelry. We offer stretch bracelets for ease, clasp bracelets for durability, wrap bracelets for style and bangles for sophistication.

Rings: Our handcrafted rings are available in every shape, color and design, all featuring natural healing crystal gemstones. She’ll love having this unique gift at her fingertips.

Earrings: Whether stud, dangle, or hoop earrings, there is a pair sure to suit her style. If he has multiple ear holes, why not get different earring lengths for a layered look?

Healing Crystals for Her

When gifting the one who has it all, you will want to focus on enhancing your prosperous energies. Natural stones not only look more upscale than the cheap stuff, but they emit a positive glow in the aura. Read below to find out which crystal would best suit her energy of abundance.

Aventurine Crystals

Aventurine is best known for wealth and abundance. She can program the healing crystal for the type of abundance that she would like to receive, whether it be a bundle of money, health or friendship!

Bloodstone Crystals

Bloodstone helps retain the wealth she has or will soon gain. She can program Bloodstone to protect the abundance she has in her life today and use the stone to go after her financial goals in the future. 

Citrine Crystals

Citrine is known as the merchant's stone, bringing cash flow & financial success. She can program Citrine to attract the free flowing energies of money and prosperity to her life. 

Jade Crystals

Also great for wealth and abundance, Jade is the attractive sister of Aventurine. She can program Jade to bring her luck in her endeavors and connect with the millions of people who already have an affinity for this healing stone. 

Satin Crystals for Her

Adorn Her with spectacular, one-of-kind jewels from Mother Earth. Even if she has it all, we can guarantee you that she doesn't have one-of-kind, crystal healing jewelry from the Satin Crystals boutique! And even once you have gifted her with this new spectacular energy, she will a bounty of other unique creations to add to her future collection. 


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