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Free USA Shipping over $50

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How's your summer going? I've been busy ramping up my Instagram and learning how to Pinterest while enjoying the beautiful sunny weather and long days in Oakland, California.

Here are three of the newest crystals you will find at Satin Crystals.

Get them while you can!

Shop Solid 18 Karat Gold Spiritual Jewelry

Solid 18K Gold Spiritual Pendants

I am half Thai on my mother's side, so we have a deep connection with this happy land. As you may know, Thailand is famous for its gold jewelry and we have a few pieces of genuine 18 karat gold pendant and necklaces now available in the spiritual jewelry section of our shop!

Shop Chakra Stone Sets with Tuning Forks

Chakra Sets with Tuning Forks

Back by popular demand are the tumbled stone chakra sets accompanied by tuning forks. These always sell out fast. The tuning forks provide a wonderful vibrational energy when struck and placed on the stones. It's like a massage for your chakras!

Shop Moqui Shaman Stone Ball Sets

Moqui Ball Sets

These aren't much to look at, but their grounding energy make up for their looks. Moqui Balls, or Shaman Stones, are solid Hematite and Sandstone concretions, great for connecting with Nature, the Present Moment and popular among those with bone ailments.


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