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Healing the (1st) Root Chakra

yoga for root chakra

I meant to write about the Root Chakra last month because the holidays stimulate such a worldly spirit, but I got super preoccupied. Although the root of Christmas and other celebrations are about spiritual reflection, we cannot ignore the fact that they draws us down to the physical realm with all the gorgeous lights, decorations, food and gifts everywhere. Since we are part of the physical world, which is a key element of root chakra characteristics, let's enjoy it!

I got so carried away in the hustle and bustle that I didn't get a chance to write this blog in December. Fortunately, a Root Chakra tutorial is also appropriate for January. Here we are with a New Year and new resolutions, which for so many of us includes Health and Fitness.

Let's get healthy and in shape with the Root Chakra, key to a strong physical body. 


Color: The root chakra is associated with red, black, and grey.

Location: This chakra spins vertically into the base of your spine. Energy from the Earth rises up and spins clockwise into your physical and etheric bodies.

Function:  The root chakra is all about physical energy and grounding. It derives its power from Mother Earth. We are aligned to the planet through the root chakra and the spirit through the crown chakra. The constant flow of Earth vibration fuels our connection to other animals (including humans), plants, and the chi force life energy. It instills us with the instincts of our ancestors, the will of survival, and the desire to live a long prosperous life.

It is important to keep the Root Chakra healthy because we are usually in need of grounding. In a world that is perpetually keeping us occupied mentally and materialistically, it's easy for the ego to go unchecked as we spiral into an overanalytical mind. The grounding root chakra draws us back onto planet Earth, reminding us of our more basic and simplistic side. The root chakra instills our sense of humanity and the understanding that life is passing while death is certain. It entails the power of happiness in drawing us down to the moment- the beauty and glory of the now.  When your root chakra is open, you will literally stop and smell the flowers.

Because the root chakra is about the physical, it is imperative to keep the energy flowing to ensure physical health. We all know that a compromised body is not ideal for accomplishing all our goals in the life.  Therefore we strive for optimal health through proper eating, nutrition, fitness, and a stress-free lifestyle.  Of course the body is only a temporary shell, so when pieces begin to fall apart we must have the strength and courage to accept what we cannot change. January is a great time for new resolutions to carve out a stronger you... and keep these changes as positive routines lifelong.

Finally, the Root Chakra and the physical world is 100% about material enjoyment. We have 6 more chakras to handle the other aspects of being. An open root chakra ensures you can enjoy all your favorite hobbies, foods, and the sensory-related side of life. We are here to experience life to its fullest and savor every wonderful bit of it. Being a balanced person does not mean forsaking physical pleasures.  It means indulging in it fully in a healthy way.

Keep your health and well being in check by surrounding yourself with these Root Chakra crystals:

  • Carnelian (Red)-  Carnelian, also known as Sard, is an orange form of Chalcedony, getting its color from Iron Oxides. It can also be found in yellow and red- and red carnelian aligns with the root chakra. Carnelian crystals are used to succeed in your career and artistic goals. 
  • Garnet-  come in a variety of colors from rich red to lime green and form at very high temperatures in many different types of rocks. Garnet Article. Garnet can assist with recovery from trauma or illness and is often known as the Stone of Total Health. It brings passion to one's ideas, helping them to become manifest. Garnets have a healing energy processed by the Root Chakra and sent out to any areas of the lower body that are lacking.
  • Hematite-  is an iron oxide found in igneous rocks. It is a weighty stone with a metallic black surface. Natural Hematite is not magnetic and should not be confused with man-made Hemalyke or Hematine. If we call the stone Hematite here on Satin Crystals, you can be assured it is the natural variety of high-quality crystal. Hematite grounds and protects us by strengthening our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure. Hematite is a stone of charisma, bringing out your magnetic personality. It is also great for circulation and balancing the Root Chakra.
  • Jasper (Red)-  is a form of Quartz that has changed several times through natural reheating within the Earth. This crystallization process creates a wide range of colors, patterns and inclusions in the Jasper family. Jasper has a strong permanent color created by Iron minerals. Jasper Article. Jasper is known as a nurturing stone, providing support during times of stress and illness. Jasper can provide the courage to assertively tackle problems with practical, down-to-earth solutions. It is a grounding stone, helpful for those who feel spacey.
  • Jet-   also known as Black Amber is not actually an Amber, but rather fossilized coal. Jet is formed when ancient waterlogged wood is compacted by pressure in the deep sea. It is a velvety black stone, surprisingly lightweight for its size. Jet is often used as a protection stone. It is said to have powerful protection energies to ward off evil, violence and psychic attacks. It is also said to protect finances. Use Jet stones to balance the Root Chakra.
  • Obsidian- is formed when volcanic lava cools quickly. Depending on the presence of minerals and air bubbles in the cooling process, the stone may remain in its pure Black Obsidian state, show its red iron in Mahogany Obsidian, brilliant colors in Rainbow Obsidian, gold and silver in Sheen Obsidian or gray crystallites in Snowflake Obsidian. All forms of Obsidian are used for transmuting negative energy to positive vibrations, thus protecting the aura from unwanted energies. Obsidian healing crystals also aid with grief and help us to overcome bad habits and obsessions.
  • Onyx (Black)-  is a type of Chalcedony. Onyx occurs naturally in black, but is often dyed and highly polished for a more uniform color and a sleek appearance. Other colors that claim to be Onyx are actually varieties of Calcite and Aragonite. A powerful protection stone, Onyx healing crystals absorb and transform negative energy to prevent the drain of personal energy. Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress.
  • Petrified Woodis also known as fossilized wood and it is crystallized with Jasper, Chalcedony and sometimes Opal, Pyrite or Calcite minerals. Petrified Wood is typically a brown and gray stone with occasional spots of red, yellow and violet formed from by the petrification of primeval trees. Petrified Wood is a considered to be a "stone of transformation," assisting a person to advance to their highest potential. Petrified Wood is used in grounding exercises and to connect to nature. Use Petrified Wood stone to balance the Root Chakra.
  • Smoky Quartz-   is the translucent brown, gray or black crystal caused by the natural irradiation of Quartz. Clear Quartz is often synthetically radiated to create Smoky Quartz for the gem trade. Smoky Quartz can balance Yin and Yang energies for better energy flow through the aura. Use Smoky Quartz to counteract electromagnetic radiation from electronics such as computers and cell phones. Smoky Quartz helps ground the Root Chakra.
  • Vanadanite- is a sparkling bright red to orange crystal part of the Apatite group. Vanadinite helps to balance our energy bodies into our physical bodies and manifest from the spiritual world. It is a great stone to stimulate creativity. Use Vanadinite to balance the Sacral and Root Chakras.

To check out the individual root chakra crystals on our online store, please click on the name of the crystal on the list above.

Obsidian happens to be one of my favorite stones,and it often draws me to the root chakra. We recently adopted a cat from the shelter, a big fluffy redhead named Elvis who keeps me totally grounded. Because pets are completely in the here and now, they help ground us through example. Other fun root chakra enhancing activities are nature hikes, walks, trips to the mountains or sea, and barefoot jogging in the sand.  I hope that the new year inspires you to live well, be well, and spoil the root chakra every moment of every day. Thank you for reading!

Visit Satin Crystals and explore our root chakra stones HERE.


He maybe more of a Sacral Chakra guy, but Elvis is a surefire force of grounding and love energy!


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virginia frazer - February 18, 2018

fantastic thank you ive been working alot more on my lower charkras

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