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Healing the (2nd) Sacral Chakra

Carnelian Egg - Healing the Sacral Chakra - Satin Crystals Blog

Fall is my favorite season. The changing colors and autumn leaves remind me of the sacral chakra, which is associated with orange, brown, and burnt butterscotch tones. I love this season because it is also birthday time in the Satin household, with most of my immediate family being born in the September and October. Perhaps that's appropriately related to the second chakra, which is the etheric body's sexual center! So cozy up under a warm blanket, surround yourself with healing crystals, and prepare to learn about the Sacral Chakra...

Color: The sacral is associated with the color orange, while encompassing tones of brown and darker yellow.

Location: This chakra vortex spins through the reproductive system, and is centered about 4 inches below the belly button. The energy flows in a clockwise motion through our body and out the back side.

Function: The sacral chakra is best known as the sexual center.  As human beings, sexuality is one of the most important parts of our existence. Without sex, none of us would be here. Despite it still being culturally taboo, it is important for us to be in touch with our sexuality so that we can form healthy relationships. An open second chakra ensures a healthy sex life, strong bonds, and an important flow of physical energy.  

A closed or blocked second chakra leads to issues like low libido, displeasure during physical contact, fertility or virility challenges, and other sexual problems.  If we cut out sex completely, the energy that needs to be released is pent up, causing frustration and distorted thoughts. Therefore, we should not feel guilty about responsibly enjoying one of the basic life activities that connects us to our fellow beings and keeps us balanced.

The sacral chakra is the root of life and creation. This chakra is not only the sexual center, but the center of creativity. For those who do not engage in sex, it is very important that there is a creative outlet where these energies can be released. In the sacral, we feel passion that stirs manifestation. The energy of the sacral is a gateway for art, music, theatrics, business or artistic innovations, and all things creative. Those who vow to a life of celibacy must carefully release the pent of sexual energy through healthy creative activity and meditation.

Crystal Healing the Sacral Chakra

Let's keep the sacral open by surrounding our chakra with the exciting energy of corresponding earthy stones that ooze life energy:

  • Agate- is a grounding and soothing stone. Agate helps to improve your vitality, concentration, and self-esteem. This stone brings balance to your material and spiritual life, stabilizing the aura. It gives physical protection to you and those around you. 

  • Amber- is made from ancient lightweight petrified tree resin, and may contain inclusions of flora, fauna, or other minerals.  It therefore helps you connect with nature, trees, animals, and the evolution of the planet. This crystal provides decisiveness and clarity. It enhance memory and intellect. Orange and brown toned amber activates the second sacral chakra.

  • Carnelian- is a stone of success, motivating you to achieve goals in work or study.  It is known as an artists stone, stimulating creativity.  Carnelian activates the second chakra.  It is also used against psychic attack, hence is a strong protective crystal.

  • Copper- is a conductive metal element. It was prized in temples, used to adorn Gods and Goddesses, and prized in Alchemy. In healing, copper conducts positive energy and replaces negativity.

  • Fossils- assist you in ditching old 'programming,' habits and past-life carry-overs. They help you establish a fresh perspective and encourages innovation and receptivity. Since a Fossil is a record of the past, they are useful in addressing any issues or blocks concerned with your own past and ancestral spirits.

  • Jasper- is the Supreme Nurturer. It contains balancing and grounding energy.  This stone assists with overcoming fears and obstacles. Jasper promotes healthy sexuality.

  • Petrified Wood- is grounding, keeping you centered, balanced, and rejuvenated with Earth Energy. It assists with spiritual healing, aligning the 7 bodies. This a tree fossil that helps connects you with nature, plants, history, and memory.

  • Pyrite- shields against negativity and evil. It helps sustains health, intellect, and emotional well-being.  Pyrite is protective.  It is also known as "fool's gold", as many gold-rushers were tricked into believing they had panned gold.

  • Sunstone- is the stone of light and happiness. It strengthens desire, intellect and optimism. Sunstone activates the chakras. It has life-giving energy of the sun.

  • Tiger's Eye- is protective, watching over your space and family. It holds the energy of the feline, bringing confidence, self-esteem, and courage.  Tiger's Eye is associated with the second chakra.

Working on the Sacral Chakra

I hope you will spend time on activating this special chakra, which is often overlooked by those wishing to work on the "spiritual" upper chakras instead. But we cannot be spiritually enlightened if we avoid the physical aspects of our being. Let us not forget that sexual pleasure and orgasm puts us in a state of bliss and ecstasy unique unto itself. It is what binds us in flesh with our beloved partners, and weaves the fabric of all life on Earth. That alone should be powerful enough to convince us to love our sacral centers, despite what we may or may not have been taught before.  

Thank you for reading, and happy healing!

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