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Living in a Crystal Cave

amethyst geode

If I lived in a crystal cave, I would always be surrounded by positive energy. I would hang my jacket on the point of a crystal cluster. I would receive my light from the reflection of a rainbow inclusion. The shiny planes within a crystal formation would be my entertainment. Ah, This is what life would be like living in a crystal cave.

Perhaps we did live in crystal caves before? As cave men and cave women? In our past lives? In the elusive lost city of Atlantis?

These days our boxed houses are far from living in the fantastical world of a crystal cave, but dreams are still alive and we can surround ourselves with clusters and geodes and minerals from the magical realm. I have a gigantic cluster at my doorway, a mysterious agate geode in the man cave, a five pointed mineral in the bedroom; just a few of Mother Nature's creations surrounding my oh-so-civilized life. Although it might be difficult to live in a city of stones, it is not difficult to bring a sparkling essence of healing crystals within our homes.

Clusters are crystal points that grow from a common base. They are like a city of light, sparkling in their beauty; some taller, some smaller, but in all growing harmoniously together. Geodes are hollow volcanic stones, growing with spectacular crystals within the deceptively dull exterior. Geodes are sliced open to reveal magnificent crystal caves; a mind boggling experience of how Mother Nature creates her masterpieces. And then, we have minerals: raw, rough, natural stones healing straight from the earth. A bit of dusting and polishing and you have a glorious version of the common rock.

Hang them, place them, grid them in the four corners of your room and you will have your own modern day crystal cave!

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