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Lunar Eclipse: Super Charge Your Moonstone

charging moonstone crystals in the lunar eclipseAre you ready for the Lunar Eclipse? The 2020 Lunar Eclipse dates happen on January 10-11, June 5-6, July 5-6, and November 30-31.

You'll want to take full advantage of this special night by whipping out your Moonstones and supercharging them. Don't have Moonstone? Prepare now so you never miss out again. 

Get Moonstone at Satin Crystals today so you have them for the next Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse.

Just imagine what your supercharged Moonstones can do for you...

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

A Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth travels between the Moon and Sun. The shadow of the Earth makes the Moon hard to see, blocking part or all of it.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Full Moon?

Every Full Moon is a new chance for you to release something that no longer serves your soul. The moon is one of our most important sources of energy. It keeps our growth on a regular cycle.

The Full Moon happens on a monthly basis, allowing you to continuously cleanse and release. It's time to leave behind the past and start fresh. Stop being stuck in a stale old rut.

The spiritual meaning of the Full Moon is about keeping your energy and your life in motion, just as it's meant to be.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Lunar Eclipse?

The Lunar eclipse over the Full Moon enhances the New Beginnings energy of the event. They are less frequent than Full Moons. Plus, Total Lunar Eclipses are even more rare.

The Lunar Eclipse is time for you to end and begin something that's even more significant than what's released in a typical Full Moon night. There are abrupt changes that happen during a Lunar Eclipse which could affect major parts of your life such as relationship status, spiritual transformation, move to a new home, change in career etcetera.

Why is the January 2020 Eclipse Important?

The eclipse of January 10th is extra special because it is the First Full Moon and also the First Lunar Eclipse in the first month of not just a new year but a brand new decade! The January Full Moon is also known as the Wolf Moon, Old Moon, Ice Moon, Snow Moon.

Now is the time that your life will undergo a major shakeup- like it or not. This may be very scary for you and may involve soul searching discomfort, but its purpose is to make you stronger so that you can rebuild your life in a better way.

Wondering what kind of big new changes await you? Check your January 2020 Horoscope to see your personal zodiac report.

Why is Moonstone Important for the Lunar Eclipse?

Moonstone is the specific crystal that fully aligns with the energy of the moon. Whereas most stones are charged in the sun, Moonstone gets its power from the moonlight. That means its energies are more feminine, intuitive, psychic, calm, and healing.

Moonstone is a stone of New Beginnings. When you use this crystal through all the new beginnings mentioned above, you are aligning yourself for success.

Transitions are hard. Change doesn't always mean things will get better. If you don't put the right effort and intentions toward the transition, changes could be disastrous.

Moonstone makes change easier and keeps you on the right track to a positive outcome. Learn about the ways Moonstone can benefit you with its metaphysical healing properties.

If you want to add even more power to your life's new chapter, make it a Moonstone Egg. Eggs are the symbol of New Beginnings and new life. It's a good idea to learn how to use crystal healing eggs and maximize on your energetic gains.

When is the Lunar Eclipse?

The Lunar Eclipse happens on January 10-11, 2020. Depending on what part of the world you live, you can find out when the Eclipse starts and ends.

Will I see the Lunar Eclipse?

The Moon will turn a shade darker during this penumbral (partially shaded) Lunar Eclipse. It's not easily discernable from a normal Full Moon unless you know what you're looking for.

This phenomenon will be visible from Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and some parts of North America, a small portion of South America and the Arctic.

See the interactive map to find out if you can observe the Lunar Eclipse from your location. Even if you can't see it from your place, the energy spreads equally across the Earth so you will feel it, and so will your crystals.

How do I Charge my Moonstone in the Lunar Eclipse?

Before you charge your stones, you want to clear them of previously infused energy. See our Crystal Care Instructions on how to do this, and make sure you do it at least a day or two ahead of time.

On the morning of January 10th, place your stones in the windowsill or garden. Leave them there until the night of the 11th, so they fully absorb the lunar power.

Once they have been charged by the Lunar Eclipse Moon, you can program your crystals with the intentions you desire.

Your Lunar Connection

Do you regularly charge your crystals in the moonlight? Do you have stories from past Lunar Eclipse experiences? We are happy to answer any questions or hear your comments, contact us anytime. 


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