fluorite green cluster

Thank you to everyone who entered the Satin Crystals December cluster giveaway contest.  We heard from many community members on how they would use a big cluster. Some of our metaphysically inclined answers included healing through grid work and reiki.  Others mentioned that a large stone could assist with child birth, overcoming grief of loss, psychic development, and in charging smaller stones.  Our rock hound collectors found them simply mesmerizing.

The randomly selected winner of this contest is Ashley Christensen of Santa Rosa, California.  Ashley has selected a large green fluorite piece to start this year on the right path.  Ashley states:

"I am so excited to receive this magnificent fluorite cluster. I love fluorite for its ability to help you focus which is something that I desperately need when I find myself running around after my two year old I feel like the fluorite will help both of us. I plan on making a grid with this beautiful crystal right in the center and some smaller amethyst pieces pointing outwards to direct the energies all over the room. Thank you very much for gifting this crystal to me it means so much! I love Satin Crystals you always have beautiful pieces :)"

Again, thanks for everyone who contributed with their lovely stories.  Keep tuned, because there will be plenty more contests coming up!


Author: Lisa Satin

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