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The Real Moldavite

the real moldaviteHi there! It's me, Meteorite-Loving Lisa. 

By now you know that Moldavite is the Meteorite of Cosmic Lovers

We've shared with you some incredible spiritual properties of this ancient, rare treasure. 

We've featured some awesome pieces and several have already found their new earthly homes.

Yet, Moldavite has even more to offer. 

I bet you don't know what Angel Chime Moldavite is! 

We invite you to read our Full Moldavite Article, equipped with even more healing information, facts, and personal experiences as told by me and Sheila. 

A sneak peek of this loaded article

Facts You'll Learn:

  • What is Moldavite? 
  • How was it formed? 
  • Where is it found?
  • What colors does it come in?
  • Moldavite versus Libyan Desert Glass
  • How to Buy Real Moldavite instead of being tricked by fakes
  • What is Angel Chime Moldavite? Hint: An even rarer phenomenon of the already rare gemstone.


  • Lisa's experience and childhood dream about Moldavite
  • Sheila's personal jewelry journey with Moldavite
  • And most importantly... How Moldavite Benefits YOU!

Get to know the Real Moldavite now.

We love hearing your Moldavite stories

We invite you to drop us a line with your green treasure tales or post them here on the blog. 

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Lisa Satin - October 5, 2020

Hi Noor,

You are right, everyone’s journey is different!

When I first really began getting into crystals 20 years ago, I would have a gigantic headache just from being around them for more than 30 minutes or an hour. To a point that I’d have to leave a crystal store and get air.
From there, I kept working and learning about them, and it was easier to align with the shift of vibrations happening.

I’d say I couldn’t really connect on a psychic/subconscious state with crystals until I started leading group meditations. That’s when I found a flow of energy and words that just rolled out of me while using crystals in our group.
That was about 2 years after intensely working with crystals- FULL TIME!

So… if you are expecting instant results… don’t be disappointed if you can’t find them :)

Many people I’ve worked with can see/feel/experience stone energy off the bat. I wasn’t one of them, and I know most people are not. For most of us, it takes time and practice to become a pro… like many things in life.

I know we find so many interesting stories online and from people directly related to stones and metaphysics. It’s so exciting when breakthroughs happen!
That being said… it could be that they had lots of dull and uneventful experiences leading up to it… which of course isn’t written about because it’s not that exciting to tell :)

So just keep with it, and you’ll grow for sure!

Lisa Satin

Noor - October 5, 2020

Hello beautiful humans

I just wanted to get some advice and guidance on a question. So I did my research on Moldavite and have read endless stories on its powerful impact and was dying of excitement to finally have my own! however I have not experienced a thing yet. Which only worries me in the sense that maybe I’m not as spiritual awakened as I think I am? Oor it just didn’t connect with me! :( I don’t truly know so I thought to seek your advice and thoughts!
I know Everyone’s journey is different but everyone felt the same thing to an extent.
I hope this makes sense I’m so so sorry to reach out like this hope it’s okay.
Thank you so much

Lisa Satin - March 17, 2020

Hello Dorian, Thank you for sharing with us your Moldavite experiences. I’ve had dreams about Moldavite too, although not as direct as yours. You can read about my Moldavite dreams here:

Because you are getting negative dreams that are creating discomfort, I recommend you go through the process of Cleaning, Charging and Programing your stone. It could have some old energy of yours or someone else’s that is stuck in the stone and needs to be released. Here is the methods to go about doing this:

Once it’s energetically cleaned, infuse it with your own intention and programming as instructed in that link. Here are some of the properties of Moldavite in which you can pick from:

After this, your Moldavite should be transformed energetically, and put to good use! Check out this article about how to use Moldavite:

Give it some time and let us know how the transformation worked out for you.

Thank you,
Lisa Satin

Dorian - March 17, 2020

Hi, i have a question about moldavite. Ive been having the strangest dreams when i when i sleep with (slept with it 3 times, and all 3 times i had very bad nightmares) so i decided not to sleep with it anymore. But when i dont sleep with it i see it everywhere iin my dream. Everyone i come across in my dream is wearing it, like im drawn to it. Like iit says come look for me. Any advice to give to me, and or where do i find information about dreams and moldavite?
Kind regards,

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