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Top 5 Crystals for Kids

Top 5 Crystals for Kids - Little girl in yellow dress and rose necklace

Just like adults, kids suffer from mental, spiritual and physical stress. Stress for kids can be in the form of school homework, peer pressure, anxiety, fear, and the general feeling of tiredness due to a lack of sleep. If a child is active in sports, music, or other after school activities, it is important that kids learn early in life how to relieve that stress and negativity that will take its toll on their healthy bodies far into the future.

Here are the top crystals we recommend for kids dealing with stress

Clear Quartz

This crystal is an all-purpose crystal known as the Master Healer. Your child can be mesmerized by the beauty within the translucent Quartz. When held to the light, a child can normally find a prism of colors that reflect from within the stone.

Rose Quartz 

Love is an important emotion for your child. You not only want them to feel love, but to show love too. Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to promote this important emotion. Rose Quartz has a gentle effect and is great for children. When a child's feelings are hurt, Rose Quartz is the right stone to put in their hands.


Because of it's calming and soothing effects, Amethyst is a great idea if your child suffers from nightmares. Simply place a stone under their pillow before going to bed at night and the gentleness of the stone will bring them calmness.


This crystal is a common crystal carried by adults because of it's beautiful design. The dark blue color and the white calcium bands that surround the blue will soothe your child when they may feel anxious or emotional. Sodalite also helps children to focus and center which will aid in homework time.

Tigers Eye

This crystal will help your child with self esteem. It can offer them the confidence they need to get through those moments that may cause them to feel anxious. The Tiger's Eye can also help them stay grounded when needed.

How to use Crystals for Kids

These five crystals are very popular and easy to find. Be sure to clean the crystals often if your child carries them around in his or her pocket for a long period of time. Rinsing them off with water will be enough to cleanse them. As your kids grow, the need for more crystals will need to be taken into consideration. Teach them the meaning of each crystal and what each one if good for so when they become adults, they can control their paths in life with more confidence.


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