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Toughen up with Tiger's Eye

Here at Satin Crystals we have over 50 different offerings of premium Tiger's Eye to help toughen you up. I'm so attracted to this stone that I own more than 30 pieces in my private household collection. I love Tiger's Eye because of the brown and gold chatoyancy. Being a lover of cats and felines, it definitely does remind me of the Eye of the Tiger. Not only does it boast astonishing beauty, but emits important energies as well.

The Power of Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is the stone of courage, confidence and self esteem. Some of us were brought up to be tough cookies and forge through the challenges that life deals us. But all of us need a helping hand sometimes. This crystal brings the energy to pursue our goals and conquer our challenges.

Tiger's Eye is also known for its protective powers. It wards off evil and watches over you like cats watched over spiritual temples back in the ancient civilizations.

As it is associated with success in business, the work place is another ideal place to display the stone.

Gifts for Men and Women

This mineral makes a perfect gift for men, as it exudes masculine and natural energy. Of course Tiger's Eye is also a hit with women like myself due to its beauty and important vibrations. My personal collection includes a nice sphere, egg, several animal statues, merkabas, hand polished pieces carved by my husband and many more.

A close relative of Tiger's Eye is the glorious Hawk's Eye, a blue and black variety of the stunning stone.

I'm sure you will find pieces that dazzle your heart and fires up your inspirations when you check out our Tiger's Eye Collection on Satin Crystals.




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