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What is Moonstone? Why is it Popular? (VIDEO)

Why is Moonstone so Popular?

Click above to watch the video on Moonstone! 

Read below to expand your Moonstone knowledge: 

  • Moonstone mesmerizes with a "floating moon effect" known as adularescence
  • Moonstone comes in a collectible range of colors from clear to black
  • Drink Moonstone water as an elixir to clear skin, eyes, hair
  • Moonstone shows you that change isn't so scary, it's as natural as the cycles of the moon
  • Moonstone is soothing to the Sacral Chakra for feminine issues, reproductive woes, and stomach tensions
  • Moonstone watches over you during your travels, especially on those long dark nights

See what other Moonstone healing benefits and fun facts you have been missing out on.

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