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Your Crystal Horoscope for October 2020

circle with the letters OCT in the center and 4 crystal balls around it

October is your Moon-Mania month. Luna is a glorious Goddess but beware of her wild tides. Hunter Moon, New Moon, and rare Blue Moon mean serious business.

The Moon chronicles make way for emotional flare-ups and luminous introspection across the Zodiac wheel. 

Is your sign due for high shine or low light?

Venus, Mercury, and Mars are star players in your forecast, although Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto aren't shy either. The celestial bodies are all over the place- what a way to start the season.

This month, you benefit the most from the positive energy of your birthstone crystal ball. Only your Zodiac birthstone sphere knows who you are and what you need. It is round and perfect, ready to absorb the giving light of the moon while also protecting you from its moody wrath. 

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Crystal Horoscope by Zodiac Sign

    Libra Zodiac Sign

    Libra Monthly Horoscope

    Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

    Lots is happening for Libra this month in the areas of relationship, personal revelations, and finances. Things kick off immediately with the October 1st Hunter Moon shining down on your Partnership Chart. How it goes is up to you. 

    Is this the end of something nasty or the beginning of something nice? You'll need to decide if your partner is worth fighting for or not, and if they are... stop the fighting! 

    Your relationship rollercoaster slows down with the New Moon mid-month on October 16th. By this time, you've decided if things are headed up or down and you make your moves. It's a time for new insights not only on your love life but also on personal goals.

    This month, you benefit from your birthstone ball of Lepidolite. The Lepidolite sphere helps you see things from a higher perspective to follow your spiritual purpose while you go about your worldly affairs. Charge it up under the Hunter New Moon to have it primed for manifestation.

    The moon chronicles don't stop there. October yields a rare second full Blue Moon on the 31st. This brings with it a financial wave as it lands right on your 8th House of Shared Income. Are the tides turning up or down?

    If you want your financial ledgers to fly high, place your Lepidolite ball in your money area after you charge it under the Blue Moon. Lepidolite is about uplifting the soul, which means uplifting your pocketbook to match. Don't risk a dramatic downturn and financial crash... take advantage of crystal healing through all these October moons.

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    Scorpio Zodiac Sign

    Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

    Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

    If you've been missing out on being the social spotlight, there's good news ahead. Venus enters your Social Sector on October 2nd, bringing the party with her. It's going to be a hoot and holler you enjoy.

    Take hold of your birthstone ball Malachite this month. Malachite amplifies your luck and charm to ensure everyone notices stunning Scorpio.

    Not to dampen your mood, but something comes up in the issue of health with the October 1st Full Moon. Mars goes retrograde in your Health House that time too, so it's not something you want to ignore. Pay attention and heed quickly so you can nip it in the bud.

    Another retrograde awaits on the 13th. This time, Mercury is twisting and he takes your mind with him. That means you need to think and ponder over a few views that you hold because you might be changing your mind around this time. Being open-minded is a good thing, even if it's hard.

    The Blue Moon that lands on Halloween also plops right over your 7th House of Relationships. Sporadic behavior by a partner gets your emotions flaring. The heat of the moment can turn into a passionate fire or a destructive one... it's up to you.

    Be sure to charge your Malachite crystal ball under the Blue Moon and have it work in your favor. It will open your Heart chakra to what you want, not despise. Your Malachite birthstone ball also helps you remain calm and wise through your partner's chaos.

    Recommended for Scorpio this Month


    Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

    Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

    Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

    The month starts with Hunter Full Moon landing in the Aries domain on your 5th House of Love. What does that mean for Sagittarius? Unfortunately, Mars is passing through retrograde, so there's a lot of upset happening here.

    Someone you're dating or obsessing over wants to end the love story you thought you were a part of. You might instead find a blast from the past waiting on the sidelines as a rebound. Things could get messy and quick.

    You benefit from your birthstone ball Fluorite. Fluorite helps you focus and concentrate through the chaotic times so you make the right decision. It also heals your Heart chakra while this drama is playing out, so you don't make the wrong decisions!

    There's hope on the horizon. Your money matters are looking bright. Venus tops your chart and hooks up with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. They have a party in your 2nd House of Money, shaking things up in a furiously delightful way. It's time to seek a raise or increase your rates during the week of October 19th.

    Program your Fluorite birthstone ball to help you focus on financial matters, and watch the bills roll in. Your heart may be a mess but your pocketbook is open for success. 

    Recommended for Sagittarius this Month


    Capricorn Zodiac Sign

    Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

    Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

    The Full Moon vibes of October 1st on your Home and Hearth Chart means some emotional elements await you in regard to domestic affairs. Someone at home makes you mad or upset. If it's not someone, it could be something... like a broken fixture or shattered real estate matter.

    Your birthstone ball of Labradorite will help you tap into your inner leader to take care of this agitation and bounce right back.

    Things look much brighter when the New Moon of October 16th highlights your career. Motion is happening, and all in the right direction. You can move up in your professional world. Good thing that Labradorite is the number one stone for New Moon energy. Your birthstone helps you maximize material gains and satisfaction in your career.

    The final Blue Moon of October 31st lands on your House of Love. It intersects with wild Uranus. Something is stirring in the air. Is it love?

    Recommended for Capricorn this Month

     Aquarius Zodiac Sign

    Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

    Jan. 20 - Feb. 18

    You may be pleased to know that your financial life is bustling this month. Venus occupies your Money Chart as of October 2nd and her attractive charm gets the moola flying your way.

    Just when you thought you were living the good life, she forms a partnership with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto on the 19th. Now you're really rolling in the dough. You absolutely must take advantage of this rare quadruple powerhouse to bring you the money you want.

    Use your beautiful birthstone ball of Larimar to open your intuition and find the right doors of opportunity that lie ahead. Only your inner-self knows which door leads to abundance galore.

    Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th, and you'll have a career decision to make. He is also the planet that reigns over your true love sector, and as he's going backward, your love life is kind of on pause. That's okay, take time to bank on your financial and professional life.

    The Blue Moon of the 31st brings unexpected news regarding your domestic world. There could be something happening with a family member, or a roommate. Be sure to charge your Blue Larimar ball under the rare Blue Moon so that the news you receive is on a positive note rather than steeped in sadness or tragedy. 

    Recommended for Aquarius this Month

      Pisces Zodiac Sign

    Pisces Monthly Horoscope

    Feb. 19 - March 20

    The Hunter Full Moon of October 1st isn't what you hoped for... it shines a light on a messy financial error. You find yourself angry and frustrated about money finance, income, and losses. Mars is dictating the affairs in retrograde, so you just have to bear with it and recover quickly. Be sure to charge your Moonstone birthstone ball under the Full Moon so you can remain calm and minimize the costly mistake.

    Thankfully October brings high vibrations in love and romance for Pisces- exactly what you desire. With amorous Venus in your House of Relationships as of the 2nd, there will be lots of good feelings between you and your mate. A major shift happens on the 19th that further enhances your bond. Embrace your dreams together in love and harmony.

    October 13th has Mercury turning retrograde, and this affects your concentration in studies. If you are in school or just working on a new project that is teaching you new skills, you might feel a creative roadblock. Use your Moonstone birthstone ball to massage your face, head, and temple. Get the ideas flowing again.

    Be sure to charge your Moonstone orb- the most powerful moon crystal ever to exist- under the rare Blue Moon of October 31st. It will assure a good fortune for the rest of the year.

    Recommended for Pisces this Month

    Aries Zodiac Sign

    Aries Monthly Horoscope

    March 21 - April 19

    With Mars in retrograde during the October 1st Full Moon, your month starts with you feeling pouty. Pluto and Saturn are trampling you as well. You feel as though you're not getting what you want, and no matter what you do, you're not progressing. It's surely a storm that needs to be tamed.

    Grab hold of your birthstone ball, Stormy Aventurine, and get this pity party under control. Only Aries has the will and power to overcome this kind of disaster so you can let go of whatever is holding you back and move forward quickly.

    The New Moon on the 16th fairs better news. You make a good connection with a business partner that leads you to success. You might even find a romantic partnership blooming. But the main focus for October is the momentum you have going on in work and business.

    Charge up your Stormy Aventurine under the Hunter Moon, New Moon, and the rare Blue Moon on Halloween. It will help you overcome the drama in early October and ride the tide to success thereafter. 

    Recommended for Aries this Month

    Taurus Zodiac Sign

    Taurus Monthly Horoscope

    April 20 - May 20

    Your month has a lot of dips and curves. The Full Moon on October 1st is all about letting go of something you've been hanging on to. It has been feeling like such a struggle trying to whip awake this dead horse- it's time to let it lie in peace.

    When you let go of this thing you've been holding on so tight, new energy will flow. Go with your instinct, and get help from your birthstone ball of Aragonite. It's about getting in touch with your intuition and natural abilities, of which you have many.

    A major jolt in your love life happens on the 2nd when Venus goes into your House of Romance. Single Taurus are apt to meet an interesting mate, and you may begin to date. Those with a partner may see a lovely connection the week of October 19th. With the Mercury retrograde in your House of Partnerships as of October 13th, you begin to see eye-to-eye again. Good things are happening in your heart.

    There's craziness coming with the Blue Full Moon on Halloween. The Moon and Uranus are dancing freestyle, meaning a surprise is in the air. Hang onto your grounding Aragonite ball because your emotional reaction will be elevated at this time. Be sure to charge it under the Full Moon so you get a pleasant surprise, not a yucky one.

    Recommended for Taurus this Month

     Gemini Zodiac Sign

    Gemini Monthly Horoscope

    May 21 - June 20

    You are on Cloud-9 when it comes to domestic bliss this month. Venus visits your 4th House of Family and Hearth, bringing calm vibes and cozy connections. You find zen in the everyday routine as of October 2nd.

    To make matters better, anything that has to do with real estate or family is going in your favor. Perhaps a good deal on a home or a generous benefactor appears. To ensure a thriving home environment, display your birthstone ball of Moss Agate somewhere central like the living room or dining table.

    Mercury goes retrograde in your Wellness Chart on the 13th. This means you need to pay attention to a health issue and figure out how to deal with it. You might find yourself redoing a project or in a streak of hazy forgetfulness. Take a deep breath and ground your energy with the Moss Agate ball. 

    The rest of the month is looking mighty fine when the New Moon lights up your love life as of October 16th. Single Geminis are open to meeting someone special, while committed Geminis also have good news on the way. You and your partner are ready to engage on a new journey like moving in together, starting a family, or something else that makes you joyous.

    Keep your heart open with the Heart chakra energy of Moss Agate crystal beside you.

    Recommended for Gemini this Month

    Cancer Zodiac Sign

    Cancer Monthly Horoscope

    June 21 - July 22

    It's a bittersweet month for Cancer. Things at work aren't well when the Full Moon tops your chart on the first of the month. You'll be frustrated with something at work.

    It could be big enough to make you leave your job and even consider a career change. It could also just be a one-off incident, like a bad interaction with a boss or coworker, that leaves you feeling sour. Either way, you'll want to use your birthstone ball of Black Tourmaline to protect you from these negative vibes and people.

    The sweet part of your month begins around October 19th when Venus comes to kiss you in your House of Communication. She invites Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto to play in your Partnership Sector and you see lots of romantic fun coming your way. Feel good knowing the stars are with you through your decisions regarding love and building a future together with someone special. 

    Charge up your Black Tourmaline sphere under the Blue Moon of Halloween, and harness its magical powers to remind yourself of your adventurous metaphysical nature. 

    Recommended for Cancer this Month

      Leo Zodiac Sign

      Leo Monthly Horoscope

      July 23 - Aug. 22

      The Full Moon of October 1st paves way for a dark forecast in educational or work-related pursuit. With Mars in retrograde, you might find yourself failing an exam or feeling too lethargic to complete a program. That's when you grab on tight to your birthstone ball of Sunstone to help combat this cold moon fever. It will help you get your luster and motivation back.

      The good news is that finances look opportunistic for October. Venus is in your House of Income as of October 2nd, as are Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. What an abundance of planetary blessings that lead to a physical manifestation of prosperity for you.

      Leap on the opportunity to increase your income, start a business venture, enter into an agreement, find a new job, etc. You are supported through October, and the Blue Moon on the 31st further boosts your professional and financial goals. Sunstone crystals accelerate your success.

      The New Moon mid-month lands on your 3rd House of Communication, intersecting with Libra. You'll have a decision to make regarding your love interest. Gaze into your Sunstone sphere to find the answer.

      Recommended for Leo this Month

      Virgo Zodiac Sign

      Virgo Monthly Horoscope

      Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

      Venus in your sign on the 2nd gets your month to a booming start. You are feeling confident, powerful, and attractive- and others notice. People will be flocking to you like flies to the brightest light in town. Keep your birthstone ball of Amazonite close to you this month to keep you fresh, cool, Zen, and admirable.

      On October 19th you are at the pinnacle of attention romantically. With Venus combining forces with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in your Romantic chart, you have a lot to look forward to. Prepare to be wooed and dazzled by your romantic mate or potential suitors. Your Amazonite sphere keeps your Heart chakra open to love and new experiences, while also keeping you wise.

      The New Moon of the 16th brings a new monetary opportunity. Link up with a good business partner and let the money roll in.

      Recommended for Virgo this Month

      How's Your Year Going?

      Have you used any of the crystals in your horoscope predictions this year? What kinds of successes have you experienced? Do you love matching up healing stones with your astrological signs? We love to hear all of your experiences. Feel free to comment below on this blog or contact us anytime.

      Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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