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Your High-Roller Malachite Spheres

sheila of satin crystals holding out a malachite lucky charms sphereAre you craving something exotic, precious, and mighty?

Lucky Charm Malachite Orbs are the satisfying treasures you seek.

Malachite lucky charm spheres bring you good fortune, winning relationships and revolutionary healing. They bless you during the Saint Patrick's season and throughout your lifetime.

Yes, Malachite is one of our most exquisite and extravagant offerings. 

Indulge in the luxury and reap the riches to come.

Each elegant orb is personally evaluated for authenticity by Lisa Satin.

Malachite Lucky Charm Spheres

Lisa has made some metaphysical notes about each of these Malachite spheres. She was guided by her intuition when discovering these treasures for you:

Spiritual Blossom is truly a stunner, with a flower growing from the lush green field all the way up to Heaven. This sphere is for dreamers, expansive thinkers, manifesters, and lovers of beauty...

Floral Park
brings out the royal streak of your soul. This lucky showpiece boasts an array of clovers and fluttering butterflies. It wins your affections and warrants praise from all who lay eyes upon it...

Lucky Clover
is the luckiest crystal on Earth. Blessed with an astounding display of clover formations, this piece is for the high-rollers of life. Unafraid, majestic, and completely confident in the moment, this orb is for winners who believe...

Angel Orb
is the spiritual guardian stone that enchants you for a lifetime. Flying fairies and lucky leprechauns dance among flourishing flowers to bring you abundance, spiritual wisdom and everything your heart desires...

Eye for Cash
is always watching out for you. This vigilant sphere keeps its eye open day and night; no opportunity for gains shall pass you by. A sleek and travel-ready guardian, this gemstone is for those of quick wit and stealthy mind...

Want to see more?

Visit the full Malachite Sphere Showcase

We also invite you to Join the Satin Crystals VIP for insights into all of the crystal healing beauties of your life. 

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