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Your Personal New Moon Reading for December 14, 2020

sterling silver cresent moon pendant with peach moonstone dangle Dear Friends,

Drop everything! I have some big news for you. Not only is today the last New Moon of 2020, but you are about to experience a rare Total Solar Eclipse.

Pay attention to the dance of the moon, sun, and earth. These astral movements affect every aspect of your life.

Bring out all of your crystals and charge them under the Total Solar Eclipse and the New Moon. Even if you missed it, you can feel the energy all month long.

Read your crystal divination now and find out what gemstone helps you the most through the next 30-day lunar cycle.

~Lisa Satin

New Moon Crystals for December 14, 2020

Mentally pick one of these three stones that call your attention. 
Don't overthink it...

yellow jasper sphere

Yellow Jasper

black lava sphere

selenite circle

Got your #1 pick in mind?

Once you've picked your stone, scroll downwards to find your personal New Moon reading for today. 

sheila of satin crystals pointing down

New Moon Crystal Reading

Your intuition leads you to the stone that works in your favor this month. Read about your New Moon crystal pick below...

yellow jasper sphere

Yellow Jasper 

You are attracted to Yellow Jasper because during this Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of December, you benefit most from the rays of the sun.

You seek something warm and bright to get you through the cold and dark days- literally and metaphorically. Yellow Jasper can harness the incredible power of the sun to vaporize your bad moods, sad thoughts, and sense of hopelessness.

Over the next 30 days, you have the chance to experience a transformation. You might have felt like you were in flight mode due to overwhelming challenges you faced, but with the help of Yellow Jasper, your spirit will come out of hiding and into fight mode.

You'll find the courage to face the dark thoughts and you'll find the support of people around you. A New Moon is here, a New Year is coming, and the Sun is on your side every single day.

You benefit most by wearing Yellow Jasper this lunar cycle. Charge up your jewelry under the Total Solar Eclipse at any time night or day. Place Yellow Jasper stones around your body and your space. They bring you new courage and hope for a brighter future. 

Check out these sunny Yellow Jasper Crystals:


black lava sphere


You are attracted to Lava because during this Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of December, you benefit most from the healing energy of Earth.

You've been feeling a little loopy, spacey, or dreamy these days. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but with the help of grounding Lava your wild ideas can be organized into a realistic, attainable goal. You're ready to get down to business, down to earth, and down to manifest.

With your solar, lunar, and earth charged Lava, you're going to gain an eruption of good ideas and fire-filled motivation. The time for pondering is over.

During the next 30 days, you are about to create your reality. Whether your goal is big or small, you have the willpower to achieve it. You have the backing of volcanic Lava to get things in flow and get on-the-go.

You benefit most this lunar cycle by wearing Lava jewelry and using Lava stones. The Earth's energy is transformed over this New Moon- and for you it's all good news. You've got this! 

Check out these earthy Lava stones:

selenite circle

You are attracted to Selenite because during this Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of December, you benefit most from the psychic energy of the Moon.

Goddess Selene has a spiritual message for you, and she's ready to share it through your Selenite moon crystals. You find yourself drawn to healing, metaphysics, readings, and the supernatural over the next 30 day lunar cycle. When the Moon eclipses the Sun, it gains Earth energy on its dark side and sun energy on its light side. This makes way for the perfect balance of vibrations. Gain from the euphoric frequency by uplifting your own vibes through meditation and philosophical contemplation.

That being said, your soul's growth is often done when your own ideas are challenged. You might encounter a number of people and personalities that are completely different than yours this lunar cycle. Try to see life from different angles and facets. It's not easy, but the gentle and nurturing nature of your Selenite helps you remain calm and compassionate. Surround yourself with Selenite stones and wear Selenite jewelry so your spirituality can thrive. 

Check out these lunar Selenite stones:

Reading Onward...

Have you used any of the stones for this month's New Moon? We'd love to hear your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - December 24, 2020

Hi Lorato, thank you for your email. Here are some helpful links to get your started:

Crystal Meanings:

Rose Quartz meanings: (we will be expanding on this topic in February, so stay tuned on the email list)

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Sheila Satin

Lorato - December 24, 2020

I have never been so serious about using Crystal stones until I see what they doing to my brother. Pliz help me on using them. I have rose quartz, tiger eye, aquamarine, Citrine

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