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Free USA Shipping over $45

Rose Quartz Sphere Crystal Healing Ball Broken Hearts Club Learn to Love Again Star Madagascar Stone, Premium P21 (2.3 Inch)

  • ROSE QUARTZ SPHERE FOR HEART CHAKRA HEALING: Bring out your softer side with Rose Quartz, the sweetest stone in town. This pink beauty activates the heart chakra, opening you up to true love. The shiny crystal ball sits smooth in the palm of your hands as you do love manifestations and self-love affirmations. Place the glowing Rose Quartz orb in any room to help you breathe deep and soothe the soul. 

  • WOUNDED WARRIOR: The Rose Quartz ball on this listing is beautiful. It is deeply discounted because it has a small dip or trench within the surface. This imperfection aligns with those healing a broken or wounded heart. It is also an excellent find for bargain hunters looking for exceptional Star Rose Quartz of Madagascar.

  • ROSE QUARTZ MEANING: Attract the greatest gift into your life- LOVE. Rose Quartz is the stone of romance and love, connecting you profoundly to partnerships physically and emotionally. Rose helps to bring you healthy love, and in keeping relationships alive. We all need Rose Quartz to show us the power of an open heart.

  • CRYSTAL BALL READING: Crystal balls are timeless treasures that have been used throughout history for gazing and scrying by shamans and spiritual leaders. The spheres represent perfection, unity, infinity, and the circle of life.

  • EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION: This is a limited edition Satin Crystals gemstone, and we are proud to bring you the best of the best when it comes to these Star Rose Quartz balls. You receive one unique piece from an elite, hand-selected collection. It is size 2.3 Inch.


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