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Citrine Bracelet 7mm Boutique Yellow Round Stretch Golden Confidence Crystal Gemstones B01

  • Slip on your new Citrine bracelet and add the energy of sunshine to any morning. This cheery gemstone bracelet is easy to wear and will bring happiness to your everday outfit. Make a golden statement with Citrine jewelry. 

  • These are translucent yellow Citrine gemstones full of healing inclusions and shiny planes. The stones have been heated to enhance their natural colors. They are polished into smooth round beads and beaded on sturdy elastic stretch cord.

  • Crystal healing Citrine increases self-esteem and personal power, enhancing confidence, happiness and will power. Use this crystal to open and balance the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Each bracelet is hand-beaded in the Satin Crystals studio in California, USA.

  • Due to the organic state of stones, each gemstone will vary in its colors, shapes, inclusions, patterns, crevices, veins and craters. 

  • Ready to gift in a jewelry box (box may vary).

  • Unisex, stackable design.

  • Measures: 7-8mm beads.

  • Do you know your true bracelet size? Choose your size when ordering. 


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