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Rhodonite Egg 52 Shiny Pink Black Lace Crystal Love Heart Chakra Stone Zen Mineral 2.6"

  • Measures: 2.6"x1.8"
  • Weighs: 9.9 oz
  • Includes: Satin Crystals gift box
  • Rhodonite brings self-less love, opening the heart for self acceptance and love of humanity. It helps to ground the heart energy to this reality. The bold pink tones open the heart chakra to love vibrations.
  • Your egg is made from Rhodonite of Madagascar. This is a dense and beautiful stone, with natural black and pink patterns. Pretty and unique, your egg is polished and has natural lines and pores native to genuine crystal. One of a kind. Receive this exact stone pictured when you order from Satin Crystals.


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