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Jet Bracelet 7mm Round Black Azabache Genuine Gemstone Stretch


Power through the chaos of your work week with the grounding energies of Jet stone. Naturally lightweight, wearing this Jet stone bracelet will feel like a black cloud of magic on your wrist. Although things around you may be operating at lightspeed, you can leisurely enjoy the present moment with crystal healing jewelry.

  • Jet is a real gemstone crystallized from ancient, waterlogged trees. These naturally black Jet stones are are polished into smooth round beads, but retain some of their natural grooves and inclusions.

  • The authentic stones are beaded on a sturdy elastic stretch bracelet.

  • Crystal healing Jet Stone is often used as an azabache protection crystal. It is said to have powerful protection energies to ward off evil, violence, illness, curses and psychic attacks.

  • Jet stone is also used to alleviate the mourning period and balance the Root chakra.

  • Each bracelet is hand-beaded in the Satin Crystals studio in California, USA.

  • Each organic stone will vary slightly in its color intensity, shapes, sheen, veins, patterns and inclusions.

  • Ready to gift in a jewelry box (box style may vary). 

  • Measures: 7-8mm beads. 

Do you know your true bracelet size? Choose your perfect fit when ordering. We offer XS - XL wrist sizes.


    Ask a Question
    • I had recently refered my niece to your website and she mentioned you had the 7MM and 9MM Jet Bracelets back in stock. Thought I would reach and ask if its new inventory and you might have Jet bracelets with stones that are "Jet Black." I attached our prior communications, as a reminder, I was hoping to get a 3 of the 7MM and 3 of the 9MM, if you ever got them with "Jet Black" stones like the 10s I first purchased. Thank you for your attention. Please let me know.

      First of all, thank you for referring our website to your niece. Unfortunately, I can not be sure as to what tone the current batch of Jet bracelets were because they are already in the warehouse from where they will ship. However, now that I have your preference, I can send you a direct picture/video for the future batch of Jet bracelets and you can decide if they meet your preference. Sincerely, Sheila Satin.