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Amulet Set Collectible Big Lapis & Amethyst Chevron Top of my Soul Upper Chakras Healing Beads C01

  • UPPER CHAKRA ENERGY BOOSTERS: This Amethyst and Lapis amulet set is perfect for your upper chakra evolution goals. Stimulate your mind and spirit when you use these shiny square stones in healing and meditation. They can be strung into necklaces or charms or used in the palm of your hand as is. These treasures lift your spirit to new heights.

  • HIGH QUALITY GEMS: Your new amulet set is made from premium Lapis Lazuli of Afghanistan and purple Chevron Amethyst. The Lapis has a bold blue color, sparkling gold pyrite and white patterns. It is a large and deluxe square shape, with a hole drilled across one corner for hanging as a talisman or jumbo jewelry making. The Amethyst is a deep purple, with a hole through the top.

  • AMETHYST MANIFESTATION STONE: Amethyst awakens your spirit, aligning you to your life purpose in the universe. This popular crystal connects you to your spirit guides and angels to keep you calm, centered, and ready to manifest your dreams.

  • LAPIS THIRD EYE AWAKENING: Lapis is the stone of total awareness, opening your mind to new ideas. With Lapis, you can trust your intuition, open the Third Eye chakra, and enter a new spiritual dimension of existence.

  • ONE OF A KIND: The Lapis is 2 inches across (1.5 L x 1.5 W x 0.5 D) and the Amethyst is 1.5 inch across (1.1 L x 1.1 W x 0.3 D). You receive the exact pieces seen in the pictures.


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