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Amulet Set Collectible Delicious Donut Gems Lapis & Rhodonite Sweetheart Stones C50

  • HIM & HER LOVE AMULETS: Get your Yin and Yang on with this pair of Lapis Lazuli and Rhodonite love amulets. Balance out your energies and energize your love life to the max. The shiny treasures can be enjoyed as healing stones, or strung into fun jewelry pieces.

  • GENUINE GEMSTONES: These are desirable and genuine gemstones, polished with care. Your protective amulet set contains medallions that are round and with a hole in the center; they are great stones for healing or strung into protective necklace or charms.

  • CHAKRA HEALING ENERGY: Chakra stones offer you a variety of healing energies because they utilize many stones together. Chakra stones bring you natural energy and health, keeping you happy day by day.

  • ONE OF A KIND: You receive the exact pieces seen in the pictures. They measure about 1.3 x 0.2 inch each.


Ask a Question
  • I have an incurved moldavite I would like to make as a ring. I have asked 3 jewellers that feel afraid to try. Can I send you photos? It looks pretty similar to one of yr photos.

    Hi, thanks for your question. We do not do metalsmithing here at Satin Crystals. The metal rings you may see on our website are created by other artisans whose work we pick up during our travels.

    We do create some rings that use sugru, which is a strong clay-like adhesive, but I don't think you'll want this for your Moldavite piece!

    I can understand why the jewelers you contacted are nervous to try on such a precious meteorite!

    Good luck in your search! Sincerely, Sheila Satin