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Chelyabinsk Meteorite Power of Pegasus Star Gazer Extraterrestrial Stone Premium P01

  • RARE BLACK METEORITE SPACE ROCK: Like a black stallion, powerful Chelyabinsk Meteorite comes galloping into your life for good reason. Perhaps it is time to develop your mind and spiritual abilities to go beyond ordinary worldly thoughts. Chelyabinsk takes the reigns and leads you to a better, richer understanding of your life purpose. This black beauty brings you the power of the stars and constellations. It is the perfect helper in your study of metaphysics, astrology, and natural healing.
  • CHELYABINSK MEANING: This Chondrite that landed in Russia is associated with the constellation Pegasus, the mythical Greek stallion. It brings you the power of Pegasus, who was able to fly. Holding Chelyabinsk allows you to soar to new heights in your spiritual development, self improvement and self care
  • LL5 CHONDRITE OF RUSSIA: Chelyabinsk fell upon Russia on February 15, 2013. The impacting asteroid started to brighten up in the general direction of the constellation Pegasus, close to the East horizon where the sun was starting to rise. The impactor belonged to the group of Apollo asteroids.At an altitude of about 23.3 km the body exploded in an air burst and meteorite fragments landed on the ground.
  • METEORITE DEFINITION: Meteorite space stones give you phenomenal power. They deliver the energy of the universe into the palm of your hands. Time stops as you lay your fingers on this exciting galactic treasure. Meteorites help you understand your purpose in the grand scheme of things. They show you that you're important even as one droplet in this giant pool of existence. Meteorites give off a buzzing sensation and make fascinating conversational pieces.
  • REAL GEMSTONE: You receive one unique gemstone from a limited, hand picked Satin Crystals collection. We have carefully selected the Meteorites so that you get only the most interesting shaped specimens with good energy. Some are completely black, some have rocky interiors showing from under the shell. Each piece is Reiki-infused. Satin Crystals offers a 100% happiness guarantee.

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