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Eucrite Meteorite Collectible Space Stone of Goddess Vesta Asteroid Belt in Suspension Display Box C50 (Midnight Stars 22mm)


 EUCRITE METEORITE: This Eucrite Meteorite treasure has travelled through time and deep space to reach you here on Earth. Gaze upon the stone and embark on a journey to the stars that shine above. This specialty piece is an excellent gift for lovers of all things galactic. When you hold Eucrite in your hand, you are experience history and astronomy to the extreme.


VESTA GODDESS ASTEROID ORIGIN: Eucrites are achondritic stony Meteorites of the HED clan. Many come from 4 Vesta- the second largest body in the Asteroid belt, and also the brightest visible from Earth. Fragments were ejected from Vesta 1-2 billion years ago, some coming to our planet as Eucrite. Vesta is the Roman Goddess of Home and Hearth.


METEORITE MEANING: Meteorite space stones channel the energy of the universe into the palm of your hands. This helps clarify your individual life purpose in the grand scheme of things. They are exciting to touch and make interesting conversation starters.


ZERO GRAVITY DISPLAY BOX: You may feel happy knowing that this gem comes in an attractive, secure Satin Crystals display case. The exquisite and upscale black leatherette suspension box makes your treasure appear as though floating in zero gravity.


ONE OF A KIND: This one-of-a-kind gem is 22 x 15 x 7 millimeters and 4.55 grams. You receive the exact piece seen in the pictures.


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