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Chalcedony Bracelet Set 7mm Shiny Faceted Gray Brown Stretch Gemstone Healing Pair B01

  • Shine with the faceted sparkle of Chalcedony. Your new gemstone bracelet set has a muted tone, making it easy to wear with many outfits. The pair can be stacked up, dressed up or worn casually everyday. 

  • Your new bracelet set features natural Chalcedony. There is a milky gray Chalcedony and a chocolate brown Chalcedony. They have been dyed to give them in a uniform color. Both stones are polished into round beads and faceted to reflect the light. The stone beads are beaded on sturdy elastic stretch cord. 

  • In crystal healing, Chalcedony stimulates optimism and goodwill. It is used to bring tranquility to our lives. Use this stone to open and balance the Root Chakra. 

  • Ready to gift in a jewelry box (boxes may vary).

  • Each bracelet is handmade in the Satin Crystals studio in California, USA. You will receive 2 bracelets per order. 

  • Due to the organic nature of stones, each gemstone will vary in its colors, inclusions, shape, markings, crevices, veins and craters. 

  • Measures: 7-8mm beads.

  • Do you know your true bracelet size? Choose your perfect size when ordering.