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Rhodochrosite Ring Adjustable Copper Deluxe Pink Oval Gemstone (Size 4-10)

  • Activate your love energies with this deluxe pink Rhodochrosite ring. This is a high quality, banded gemstone polished into a smooth oval and set in an adjustable copper-plated brass ring. 

  • Each ring is assembled in the Satin Crystals Boutique in California.

  • Gently pry open the band, adjust on the finger and gently squeeze into place for a perfect fit.

  • Rhodochrosite healing crystals represent selfless love and compassion.

  • Made in USA. Ready to gift in a Satin Crystals jewelry box.

  • Size 4 to 10 adjustable (stone: 14x13mm).


Ask a Question
  • Hi! Sheila, Hope you are doing fine. I know it’s been a long time. I am fine too. I am interested in buying the rhodochrosite ring and bracelet. Can you please tell me where is it mined from and also if it is treated in any way. I am also deciding whether to buy rhodochrosite or Pink Kunzite. As you know a lot about crystals I wanted your opinion. Thanks.

    Hi, thank you for your message. Our Rhodochrosite gemstones are un-treated and come from Argentina. In crystal healing, Rhodochrosite is more of a grounding energy for the heart where as Kunzite is more spiritual. By the grounding of the heart energy, I mean more of attracting love relationships, friendships and soulmates in this current life whereas spiritual energy might be something more abstract like love of the universe and humanity. So it depends on what energy you’re looking for. Personally, I am more attracted to the deep pink Rhodochrosite. To read more about Rhodochrosite, I invite you to visit our Rhodochrosite Article. If you need any more assistance, I'm happy to help. Sincerely, Sheila Satin