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Amazonite Polygon P01 Green Merkaba Star Crystal & 12 Chinese Zodiac Grid Plate Horoscope Set

  • Amazonite is a calming stone and aids in spiritual development. It is emotionally balancing, harmonizing masculine and feminine energies. This crystal protects you against microwave and electromagnetic pollution, and can be placed near the computer or electronics to absorb them.

  • This amazonite crystal has been carved into a gorgeous merkaba star, and comes with a metal zodiac grid plate. The merkaba is sea green with various patterns and minerals. The vintage bronze-toned disc has the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. This set is great for horoscope, matchmaking, and crystal grid or feng shui work. You receive one unique set per order from an elite Satin Crystals collection.

  • Measures: disc= 3.5", merkaba= 1.7" diagonally (1"x1"x1").

  • Weighs: approx 2.5 oz.


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