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Animal Dinosaur Onyx Black 6" Collectible Brachiosauras Sculpture Healing Crystal Stone Totem Rock C50

  • Your large amazing statue is an adorable dinosaur figurine. The Brachiosaurus is carved from attractive frosty black onyx. It stands on all four with majestically long neck and tail. Excellent animal spirit guide for shamanic journeys and feng shui. Receive the exact one featured when you order from Satin Crystals.

  • Measures: 6"x3.8"x1.8".

  • Weighs: 12.1 oz.

  • Onyx is protective and releases negative energy. It promotes vigor, stamina, and self-confidence. Onyx brings strength during hard times and aids in memory recall. This mineral is often found in black, but also comes in various banded with tones.