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Howlite Necklace Beaded White Gemstone Round Velvety Black Jet Stone

  • Play with the stark contrast of white Howlite and black Jet in your fashionable new crystal healing necklace. Howlite is a snow-white crystal with unique gray vein inclusions. Jet is a velvety black stone formed when ancient waterlogged wood is compacted by pressure in the deep sea. Both natural stones are polished into round beads and strung on a unique necklace secured with a copper lobster claw clasp.

  • Howlite healing crystals will calm and soothe the emotions, slow the overactive mind and help you achieve a deep and restful sleep.

  • Jet is often used as a protection stone. It is said to have powerful protection energies to ward off evil, violence, and psychic attacks.

  • Each necklace is handmade in the Satin Crystals studio in California, USA.

  • 7-8mm beads.

  • Easy to stack different lengths.

  • Includes gift box.


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