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Mixed Ball Set Chrysanthemum Flower, Lepidolite & White Onyx Healer's Spheres C50 (1.5")

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  • Don't settle for singles when you can get this trio of energetic crystal spheres. Your set contains vivid black and white Chrysanthemum Fossil, purple Lepidolite in snow Quartz, and white banded Onyx. This set is perfect to give your collection a quick boast-up or to distribute as gifts to those who deserve it.
  • Chrysanthemum Stone brings an energy that helps you overcome obstacles to your happiness. It said that the flower pattern represents the burst of energy that is love, joy and abundance, bringing them into your life. The Chrysanthemum Stone can help balance the Solar Plexus and Root Chakras.
  • Lepidolite opens the Third Eye and Crown chakras, therefore makes the perfect gift for spiritual people. It aids you in overcoming emotional or mental dependency by releasing bad habits.
  • Onyx is protective and releases negative energy. It promotes vigor, stamina, and self-confidence. Onyx brings strength during hard times and aids in memory recall.
  • This is a one-of-a-kind set by Satin Crystals. You receive the exact spheres seen in the pictures.

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