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Agate Blue Lace Earrings Gold Spiral Big Gemstone Hoops

  • Cool your energies with genuine Blue Lace Agate earrings. Calm your anxious energies with these meditative, peaceful stones. These large hoop earrings make a statement while remaining lightweight throughout your grueling day. 

  • These are deluxe, banded Agate gemstones on gold-plated brass spiral charms. The big, charming hoop earrings make a fashionable statement piece and energetic crystal healing design.

  • In crystal healing, Blue Lace Agate provides a calming energy and opens the Throat Chakra. Naturally blue colored stones help open blockages in this important communication center. Dangle Blue Lace Agate hoops from your ears and you'll have the perfect healing jewels for your Throat chakra. 

  • Each earring is handmade in the Satin Crystals studio in California, USA, unique in its colors, patterns and inclusions.

  • Ready to gift in a Satin Crystals jewelry box.

  • Measures: 3.3 x 2.7 inches (stones: 9-10mm).


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