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Lapis Lazuli Sphere Ball Collectible Royal Blue Afghan Gemstone Highest Quality C05 (Zeus, 4.3")

  • Zues has thrown his almighty thunder bolts across this rare and amazing energetic Lapis sphere. The centerpiece is full of vivid patterns and boasts a large size fit for the Gods.

  • One of a kind. Photos of the exact item can be seen.

  • Afghan Royal is our top of the line best Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan. It boasts the most precious and brightest royal blue tones mixed with gold Pyrite and naturally occurring minerals. The stone is polished and smooth, yet retains natural lines and grooves designed by Mother Earth.

  • Lapis is the stone of "Total Awareness". It opens up the third eye to intuitive development and helps to release stress.

  • 4 Pounds 12 Ounces

  • 4.3 Inches


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