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Sodalite Cufflinks Antique Bronze 12mm Blue White Round Gemstone

  • Balance the mind with these rich blue Sodalite cufflinks. For those attuned with logic and common sense, Sodalite is the stone of choice. The blue gemstones enhance the outfits of both men and women. 

  • The Sodalite stones are polished into smooth round cabochons and set in antique bronze cufflinks. The cufflinks are bullet back, so they are easy to flip open and closed. 

  • In crystal healing, Sodalite healing crystals bring mental balance, encouraging rational and logical thought.

  • These Sodalite cufflinks are assembled in the Satin Crystals studio in California, USA. You will receive one pair per order. Due to the organic nature of the stones, each Sodalite may differ in color, patterns and inclusions. 

  • This listing is for Sodalite in gold-plated brass cufflinks. You can also add the Sodalite in silver-plated brass cufflinks

  • Measures: 12mm stones. Open cufflink measures 1.1 inches, closed cufflink measures 0.9 inches.


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  • Hi! Love your website and what you do for everyone! What stones do you recommend for anxiety,PTSD and stress? Thanks!

    Hi Lisa, thanks for writing in. It sounds like you (or whoever you are writing in for) could use some Calming Crystals.    Visit our Calming Crystals Collection and read more in Calming Crystals Good for Anxiety.    If you need any further recommendations to narrow down what you are looking for after checking out the two links, let me know!   Sincerely,  Sheila Satin