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Agate Massage Picture 02 Set of 3 Raw Natural Healing Stones Green Black Red Crystal Healer 3.2"

  • Measures: approx 3.2"x0.8" each

  • Weighs: 5.4 oz together

  • Agate gives soothing Energy. It improves your vitality, concentration, and self-esteem. Brings balance to your material and spiritual life, and it gives physical protection to you and those around you. Furthermore, agate stabilizes the aura.

  • Your crystal wand set is made from stunning agate with picture patterns. The three pieces boast tones of black, moss green, red, and more. Especially interesting is that each has natural grooves and caves according to the natural contour of the rock. Great for massage and acupressure. You receive the exact one featured when you order from Satin Crystals.


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