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Ruby Zoisite Massage 3.8" Collectible Pink & Olive Green Abundance Stone Stress Relief Healing Wand C52

  • This is a high quality Ruby Zoisite massage wand, tapered and rounded at both ends for pressure point therapy. The stone boasts a rich green color, with creamy minerals and real large red ruby gemstones embedded. It is polished to a shine, yet has craters and lines along the surface true to genuine gems. Receive the exact one featured when ordering from Satin Crystals.

  • Ruby is the stone of Passion and Wealth- helping you to gain and retain both. It stimulates energy and passion for living. It is also the Leadership stone, inspiring and motivating you to achieve those hidden and not-so-hidden goals. It helps you attracts sexual activity and overcome exhaustion and laziness.

  • Measurement: 3.8"x0.8".


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