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Petrified Wood Egg Timeless Strength and Healing Energy Crystal

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  • PETRIFIED WOOD EGG: Celebrate Earth, History, and Ancestry with your ancient Petrified Wood Egg. The fossilized tree relic puts you in touch with your roots and keeps you grounded during turbulent times. The egg fits perfectly in the palm of your hands while you do Past Live meditations, or can be displayed proudly as a tribute to your eternal strength.

  • PETRIFIED WOOD EGG FEATURES: You have selected genuine Petrified Wood from the enchanted forests of Madagascar. The fossilized plant shows a lot of character and life through its many picture, patterns, and deep rough lines. When you go with Satin Crystals, you are guaranteed the real deal.

  • PETRIFIED WOOD MEANING: Petrified Wood is a grounding mineral that keeping you centered, balanced and rejuvenated with the energy of Flora and Earth. It is an amazing stone to take you back in time during Past Life Therapy and Spiritual Shamanic Journeying. Petrified wood helps you recall memories so you can learn from your past and become a wiser person.

  • EGG MEANING: Eggs symbolize birth and rebirth. They help you shed old, destructive habits so that you can be born anew as a better you.

  • ONE OF A KIND: This is a one-of-a-kind Reiki-infused egg, hand selected by Satin Crystals for its high quality and beauty.

  • SIZE: 3 x 2 inches.


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