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3 Moldavite Garnet Wish-Upon-A-Star Jewelry

hand wearing three moldavite garnet ringsWish upon a star and your dreams will come true.

You are about to fall in love with this brand new Moldavite Garnet ring, earring, and pendant set.

When you wear these twinkling Moldavite Garnet designs, you feel as though you've been kissed by the cosmos. They are meant for the finest of the fine.

You only live once. Treat yourself to a dream come true.

Learn how Moldavite gemstones benefit your life when you access our VIP community. We invite you to join the Satin Crystals VIP Club today. It's free and easy. 

The Glistening Moldavite Garnet Collection

Real green Moldavite collides with cherry red Garnet to form jewelry that you will love forever. These timeless treasures are a dream come true:

#1 Moldavite Garnet Solar Eclipse Ring

This real Moldavite Garnet ring is as rare and spectacular as a solar eclipse. Two bands of red Garnet gemstones colliding with cosmic green Moldavite is a sight to see. The sterling silver ring brings you powers of the sky, space, stars, and sun. Its beauty moves planets. Its energy transforms lives. Go ahead, you deserve this. LEARN MORE.

#2 Moldavite Garnet Orbit Earrings

These real Moldavite earrings have your energies spinning in orbit. Let health, wealth, and love gravitate to you through the attractive powers of rare green Moldavite and red Garnet. You are a stunning force of beauty in this great big universe. Who knew that spiritual transformation could look so good? LEARN MORE. 

#3 Moldavite Garnet Passion Pendant

When you fall in love, time stands still as you dance the night away. This supreme Moldavite pendant features a sparkling diamond-cut gemstone passionately kissed by red Garnet jewels. Set your heart free and let your love expand beyond the confines of time or space. The sterling silver Moldavite Garnet pendant invigorates your passions forever and ever. LEARN MORE. 

Your Moldavite Astral Journey

Are you excited about authentic Moldavite jewelry? Have you tried out a Moldavite Garnet gem?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can comment on the blog below. 

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