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Animal Crystal Carvings: Your Friendly Spirit Guardians

jade turtles, lions, elephantsAnimal crystal figurines are as adorable as it gets. These carefully crafted stones are more than meets the eye. Stored within each statue is the almighty energy of your animal spirit guardians.

When you learn how to tap into the power of crystal animals, you become stronger, smarter, and savvier. These stones attune you to your instincts and intuition in a way that the human mind has forgotten. Your awareness of the world and the spiritual realm awakens. What lies in hibernation shall rise once again.

What does it mean when you see a Tiger in your dream?

What does it mean when an Elephant appears in your meditation?

What does it mean when the Zodiac wheel turns to the Year of the Rabbit?

Each animal has deep meaning and is ready to assist you on your spiritual journey. Join us on a shamanic journey as we discover the vast powers of our animal guardians.

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Animals for Spiritual Guidance

The Fox is the quintessential animal spiritual guardian for your shamanic journeys, walkabouts, and spiritual rituals. You may have seen the Fox featured on movies or shows. It appears after the person enters a trance. It helps them navigate through their surreal experience, pointing them toward the path of wisdom. The Fox is a truly special figure.

In actuality, each animal has an important meaning and a unique role to play. It is not always the Fox who appears before you.

You may visualize an Owl in your meditations. An Owl is "The Messenger of God" that has vital information to deliver. Listen carefully when the Owl appears. Use crystal Owl figurines and intuitive Lapis Lazuli stones to help you decipher the life-changing message.

One day you may dream of the Dog in your sleep. He wants you to find loving connections and deep bonds. Does he tell you that you benefit from Rose Quartz right now?

Next week, you may see several Dragon symbols cross your path. It's a message from the Universe that shouldn't be ignored. Find out the meaning of this mystical event and then manifest your destiny with the help of Septarian Dragon Stones and crystal dragons.

Keep a variety of animal spirit guardians in your crystal collection and in your home to benefit from a variety of healing powers. As you journey along with Satin Crystals, you will learn what each lovely creature has to offer.

Animals for Protection

Animals have been used as protective totems throughout civilization. In some cultures, they were carved right into the totem poles to watch over the village day and night.

If you're a pet owner, you may understand that certain animals have a strong instinct to protect their owners in the event of danger. Your crystal animals do the same. They warn you of looming threats through signs and messages. They safeguard your home and spaces with positive Feng Shui.

Some of your fiercest animal guardians include the Tiger, Dragon, Bear, Alligator, and Bull. They alert you to immediate evils and watch over you with both eyes open. Yet, you cannot overlook the little guy. Crystal figurines such as the Cat, Frog, and Turtle nudge you on the right path when you are starting to stray from the Light.

When you surround your space with crystal animal guardians and corresponding healing stones, you are choosing light over darkness, wisdom over ignorance, and happiness over turmoil. Your friendly animal guardians accompany you on your journey with loyalty and care.

Animals for You and Your Friends

Satin Crystals is honored to have you here as we explore the kingdom of crystal animals. Over the next few weeks, everyone in the Satin Crystals VIP club will have these beneficial articles delivered right into the comfort of their email inbox. Not a member yet? Join now.

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It's even more fun when you have crystal animals to accompany you on the journey. Find your favorites at the Satin Crystals Animal Collection. They make great gifts for friends as well.

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. 

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Sheila Satin - September 30, 2022

Hi Sarah, I know what you mean about having a tough time choosing a favorite stone. I have so many also. It also depends on the mood and the needs. We are in the middle of the animal carving campaign right now, and a meditation is coming up with them as well! We don’t have too many wolves right now, but the ones we have you can see here:*

Sheila Satin

Sarah K. - September 30, 2022

I seem to be drawn to them all. Could be because ive had so much stress in my life and became ill? Im really not sure. I like all the carvings you get, i have several different ones. I am currently looking for a wolf one

Love and light

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