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14 'I Love You' Crystals for Valentine's Day

hand holding two pink and black rhodonite heartsWho do you love? Is it your spouse, your mother, your sister, your brother, your child, or your friend? Don't forget yourself. Crystallize your love by gifting unique stones from Mother Earth.

When you present a loved one with meaningful crystals, your bond strengthens. Your love flows eternally through these gems. Every time they pick up their crystals, they are reminded of you. 

In this gift guide, you can see the 14 favorite crystals for celebrating love. Refer to it every birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or whenever you need a special present for the person you care about. 

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Top 14 crystal gifts for the ones you love

In addition to telling loved ones how you feel, you can show your adoration by gifting them these healing gemstones. 

These are the top 14 crystal gifts that show them your heart and spirit: 

Rose Quartz Relationship Stones

#1 Rose Quartz Dancing Love Sphere

Love, Love, Love is in the air with this pretty pink Rose Quartz ball. The Star Madagascar Rose Quartz sphere helps rekindle relationships and fire up new ones. Rose Quartz balls are the perfect gift for lovely occasions that celebrate the people you cherish the most. 

#2 Rose Quartz Love of Truth Pendulum

If your loved one is a seeker of the truth and a healer at heart, choose this divine Rose Quartz pendulum. Gift this natural gemstone pendulum and point them in the right direction on their spiritual path. The faceted stone showcases a real sterling silver chain- an upgrade beyond their typical healing tool. 

Carnelian Crystals of Passionate Partners

#3 Carnelian Heart Love and Desire

Is your heart stirring with love and desire? Gifting your partner this Carnelian Heart crystal awakens their hidden passions and zest for life. Flames of red and orange gleam from the polished stone. Get a gemstone heart for your pleasure, and more to share with lovers. 

#4 Carnelian Stone Pair of Hotties Set

Do you want to catch a hot partner? Gift one of these real raw red Carnelians to them and keep the other for yourself. Both your souls will light up like two flames of fire. Suddenly, your auras glows with magnetic romantic energy. 

Rhodonite Bonding Stones

#5 Rhodonite Bonded Soul Hearts

This pair of lovely pink Rhodonite hearts symbolize the bonds you have with your best friends and lovers. Feel eternally connected and honor your love by gifting these gemstone hearts. Gift the healing set as a present or keep one for yourself while sending the second to a special someone. 

#6 Rhodonite Besties Sphere

This sweet pink Rhodonite sphere is the ultimate symbol of your love. Gift it to your loved ones to symbolize your partnership. No matter how crazy the outside world is, you will always be connected, heart-to-heart. This genuine crystal ball retains your loving bonds and can be used in their ongoing manifestations and meditations. 

Amethyst Soul Family Stones

#7 Amethyst Sparkling Love Heart

Whether you're looking to win the heart of a special soul or show a loved one you care about, this Amethyst heart says and does it all. The jaw-dropping beauty wins the love and affection of your intended. This natural geode cluster is shaped into a precious heart and sparkles with pure love. 

#8 Amethyst Tumbled Stones Soul Family Set

Gift them with the radiating power of spirituality! These Amethyst gemstones are just right for meditation, Reiki, crystal grids, carrying, and even wearing. Or pass out one stone to each special person, keeping your soul family forever bonded. 

Chalcedony Solid Gold Love Stones

#9 Chalcopyrite Golden Love Egg

When you want to show them that they are your gold star, gift them this brilliant Chalcopyrite egg. This shiny crystal awakens their zest for life. Its metallic composition makes it weighty- super satisfying to hold during healing. Bling their space and their soul; they will love you for it!


#10 Chalcopyrite Heart of Gold

You've got a heart of gold and you want to share it with your loved ones. This golden Chalcopyrite Heart is here to protect those you care about, making sure no one tramples on their feelings. Give your love freely and have it appreciated by others. The stone attracts friends, family, and lovers with good intentions. 

Lapis Loyalty True Blue Stones

#11 Lapis Sphere You are my World

Show them that they mean the world to you by gifting them this Lapis Lazuli sphere. It's true and blue, symbolizing your loyalty to the relationships. The smooth crystal ball makes the perfect centerpiece to invigorate their space. Lapis Lazuli orbs are a favorite among men and women alike, charming all who gaze upon its starry surface. 

 #12 Lapis Bear Loyal Royal Blue 

This royal blue Lapis Lazuli bear is a symbol of your loyalty. Elevate their thinking and consciousness to greater heights by gifting intuitive Lapis. The adorable bear figurine reminds them that you are always there for them spiritually, no matter how far apart. 

Meteorite My Universe Gems

#13 Moldavite Call of Karma Gem

Karma is calling through this real Moldavite. It's written in the stars that you and your bonded ones should cross paths, learn from each other, and love each other. This Moldavite of meteoric origin ignites the soul evolution of the special person you gift it to. Fulfill their destiny with Moldavite. 

 #14 Meteorite Set You are my Universe Trio

Infuse interesting elements into their life by gifting special people the Meteorite set. Chelyabinsk of Russia, Agoudal of Morocco, and Black Tektite of China help them find magic in the Universe. Your love knows no borders. 

More Love Crystals for you

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Sheila Satin - March 7, 2021

Hi Margaret, welcome to the world of crystals. Rose Quartz is a great starting point. We just did a whole educational series on Rose Quartz in case you missed it:

If you have any crystal questions or need help with your order, let me know.

Sheila Satin

Margaret - March 7, 2021


I am new to crystals and I do not know too much about them. I think my favourite crystal is Rose Quartz but only because that was the first one I have researched into.

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