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How to Use Moonstone by Colors

hand holding moonstone stonesAre you looking to develop your psychic third eye? Calm your emotions? Practice magic under the moonlight? All this is possible with Moonstone. You are about to discover how to use 7 different types of Moonstones for various purposes.

You've probably heard of Moonstone. It is one of the most cherished gemstones of the crystal healing world. Perhaps you imagine a silky lunar white stone, or maybe you've heard of its famous rainbow flashes. Moonstone comes in a variety of attractive colors. Each has its own meaningful healing properties.

Let's take a deeper look at Moonstone in the colors of White, Rainbow, Black, Cream, Peach, Pink, and Brown Zebra. Which ones do you need? Which Moonstone colors help you achieve your goals?

Find out here!

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7 Moonstone Colors and Uses

All Moonstones come from the Feldspar Orthoclase mineral family.  Every variety shares the same Moonstone meanings and benefits in crystal healing. However, each unique Moonstone color also has its own magical advantages. Here are 7 popular Moonstone colors and their special uses: 

#1 Rainbow Moonstone for Psychic Development

Meanings: Rainbow Moonstone is the most popular and loved form of the stone. It is especially attractive when you are ready to work on your psychic development. Rainbow Moonstone gathers the spiritual energy of the moon and the colorful energy of the rainbow to bring you magical results in healing and meditation. It is a high vibrating crystal that can be placed near your Third Eye chakra.

While some Rainbow Moonstones boast silky sheen, others may have flashes of blue and various other colors.

Another special type of Rainbow Moonstone has Black Tourmaline minerals hosted within. This is known as Moonstone Tourmaline. In addition to the spiritual properties of Rainbow Moonstone, the Moonstone Tourmaline version brings you immense protection from dark forces.

Uses: Meditation, Healing, Light Work, Chakra Healing, Aura Healing

Healing Ideas: 

  • Place a Moonstone Tourmaline pyramid on your Third Eye during a crystal layout.

  • Wear a Rainbow Moon necklace to keep your aura cleansed and chakras activated all day.

  • Meditate under the moonlight while you wear Rainbow Moonstone earrings. Feel them deliver the psychic power of the moon to your mind and Third Eye.

#2 Black Moonstone for New Moon Healing

Meanings: Mysterious Black Moonstone radiates with the energy of the New Moon. The New Moon, which happens once every 30 days, is a time to embark on fresh starts. When you work with Black Moonstone during the New Moon, you will find yourself fast-forwarding to the next chapter in life. Whether you are needing a new job, new relationship, new home, or anything else, Black Moonstone helps you attain it.

You do not need to wait until the New Moon to use this crystal. Manifest your desires nightly under the moonlight with Black Moonstone.

Uses: New Moon rituals, Manifestation Lists, Goal Visualization Meditations, Magic

Healing Ideas: 

  • Do a manifestation meditation under the New Moon while holding a Black Moonstone ball, visualizing yourself embarking on your desired journey.

  • Wear a Black Moonstone bracelet as you write a manifestation goal list.

  • Carry a Black Moonstone palm crystal as you recite magical spells.

#3 White Moonstone for Full Moon Healing

Meanings: Shimmering White Moonstone is energetically aligned with the Full Moon. The Full Moon is about releasing old patterns in your life that no longer serve you. When you need to let go of someone or something - physical, mental, or emotional - work with White Moonstone.

The energy and effects of White Moonstone are amplified when you use it under the monthly Full Moon. However, you can use White Moonstone any night of the month to release whatever is bothering you.

While White Moonstone doesn't always have rainbows, sheen, or inclusions, it can. Therefore, White Rainbow Moonstone and White Rainbow Tourmaline Moonstone also fall under the category of White Moonstone.

Uses: Full Moon rituals, Relationship Cord Cutting, Healing, Affirmations

Healing Ideas: 

  • Wear a White Moonstone bracelet as you write or recite positive affirmations under the New Moon.

  • Gaze into a White Moonstone Tourmaline sphere to visualize the changes you are ready to make.

  • Have a holistic therapist do a relationship cord-cutting session on you while you have White Moonstone tumbled stones on or around your body.

#4 Cream Moonstone for Emotional Calming

Meanings: Moonstone is an emotionally calming crystal. Cream Moonstone is the most serene of them all when it comes to balancing your emotional state. Cream Moonstone soothes your Solar Plexus chakra to release stress, anxiety, fear, and anger. It allows you to trust in the Universe. All are synced and all is in perfect order, even when it feels chaotic.

Cream Moonstone also aids fertility and virility. Men and women enjoy the soft and nurturing energy of Moonstone while they embark on the child-making journey.

Uses: Solar Plexus Healing, Emotional Healing, Stress-Release, Self-Care, Fertility

Healing Ideas: 

  • Place a Cream Moonstone ball in the center of the home for calm harmony

  • Wear a Creamy Moonstone medley bracelet to combat daily anxiety and anger

  • Keep a Cream Moonstone egg in the bedroom for conception

#5 Peach Moonstone for Happiness

Meanings: Peach Moonstone is the most chipper variety of this gemstone. It cleanses your negativity and bathes you in moonbeams.

Using Peach Moonstone in healing helps you find true happiness. It allows you to let go of the little things in life so that you can appreciate the...little things in life! If you need to lighten up, you need Peach Moonstone on your side.

Uses: Positive Mindset, Life Purpose Meditations, Solar Plexus Healing, Happiness

Healing Ideas: 

  • Carry Peach Moonstone tumbled stones with you so you can continuously attract positive energy and avoid negativity.

  • Gift a Peach Moonstone heart to someone special to light up their day.

  • Meditate upon a Peach Moonstone sphere to find your life purpose.

#6 Pink Moonstone for Love

Meanings: Pink Moonstone brings you lunar love from above. True love is written in the stars and Pink Moonstone helps you tap into your karma. If you are looking for your soulmate, keep Pink Moonstone on hand. If you are ready to improve your relationship, do healing work with Pink Moonstone. If you are too hard on yourself, work with Pink Moonstone to build your self-esteem. 

Uses: Attracting Love, Improving Relationships, Self-Esteem

Healing Ideas: 

  • Wear a Pink Moonstone medley bracelet to attract your true love.

  • Place a Pink Moonstone ball in your home or bedroom to improve relationships.

  • Wear Pink Moon earrings to lift your self-esteem and thoughts.

#7 Brown Zebra Moonstone for Protection

Meanings: Zebra Moonstone is truly unique. It is golden with brown patterns, like a baby Zebra before it changes to the famous black and white.

Brown Moonstone brings Earth energy to your field. The patterns created by Smoky Quartz form a protective matrix around your aura. Zebra Moonstone is a fine choice for grounding work and everyday protection.

Uses: Grounding Energy, Earth Element Healing, Protection

Healing Ideas: 

  • Wear a Brown Zebra Moonstone necklace for protection while you travel or hike.

  • Hold a Brown Zebra Moonstone ball to anchor your mind when you feel spacey or overwhelmed.

  • Place a Brown Zebra Moonstone heart over your Heart chakra to channel the healing powers of earth into your body. 

Moonstone for Me

You now have a better idea of which Moonstone colors match you. And remember, this changes from time to time as your life circumstances shift. Make it a goal to have all the Moonstone colors in your collection!

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.


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