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Light or Dark Amethyst Bracelets?

Model full of purple Amethyst stretch braceletsAmethyst is one of the most popular crystals in the world thanks to its natural purple colors and its spiritual healing properties. Perhaps it is one of your favorite stones?

Did you know that Amethyst comes in a range of purple hues? You can find pale Lavender Amethyst all the way to deep purple Black Amethyst. How do you decide which color is right for you?

Which Amethyst bracelet should I choose?

Here are the current Amethyst bracelets in the Satin Crystals Collection. Find out what each one is all about so you can wisely choose your next jewel:

Ametrine Stretch Bracelet

Ametrine Bracelets

Along with a translucent purple Amethyst, Ametrine shows spots of yellowish Citrine. The surprising stone mixes the crystal properties of both Amethyst and Citrine. Ametrine bracelets are coveted for their double potential in healing energies. With Ametrine, you get a lighter purple bracelet with an uplifting yellow undertone. 

Ametrine bracelets are for you if...

  • You seek spiritual abundance
  • You love the sunshine
  • You want to lift your mood


    Pile of dark purple Amethyst bracelets

    Dark Amethyst Bracelets

    For a rocking good time, dark Amethyst bracelets are the way to go. These deluxe purple stones are striking in their obviously captivating looks. Dark Amethyst bracelets are brilliant to wear when you need that extra push for spiritual confidence. 

    Dark Amethyst bracelets are for you if...

    • You seek a deeper meaning to life
    • You are drawn to dark colors
    • You want to feel like royalty


    Lavender Amethyst stretch bracelet

    Lavender Amethyst Bracelets

    For those who are drawn to a more pinkish tone, the Lavender Amethyst bracelet is a perfect fit. With a very pale purple color, Lavender Amethyst is a stone invoking love energies, mystical minds, and dream magic. This airy purple bracelet is perfect to wear for meditation, healing, and calm vibes. 

    Lavender Amethyst bracelets are for you if...

    • You want to soothe a chaotic mind
    • You seek a peaceful existence
    • You are drawn to pastel colors


    Rough Amethyst and Polished green Malachite stretch bracelet

    Rough Amethyst Bracelets

    Amethyst in the rough is showcased on this original bracelet. Lovers of rocks and minerals appreciate the white quartz formations often seen within the purple Amethyst point. It is accompanied by green Malachite beads for a fresh and royal look. 

    Rough Amethyst bracelets are for you if...

    • You are drawn to Mother Earth's beauty
    • You like standing out from the crowd
    • You want to open your mind 


    goethite amethyst braceletFire Amethyst Bracelets

    Mix the spiritual energy of purple Amethyst with the fiery reds and golds of Goethite and you have Fire Amethyst. This gemstone bracelet encompasses the whole world of magic, passion, and metaphysics. 

    Fire Amethyst bracelets are for you if...

    • You want to reignite the passion in your life
    • You are drawn to rare gemstones
    • You have a spitfire personality


    The Colors of Amethyst

    Amethyst is always purple, but the shades of purple vary. A light Amethyst is well-suited for your subdued days and a dark Amethyst is perfect for those bold days.

    Inclusions within the stone also vary, so if you want the added energy of the secondary mineral, choose a bracelet with a built-in gemstone combination like Ametrine or Fire Amethyst. 

    Don't despair, the decision is easy if you don't want to decide between light and dark Amethyst- just collect and wear them all!

    Continue your Amethyst journeys

    Do you have a favorite color of Amethyst? Do you have any of the Amethyst bracelets featured above? Comment below and we will get back to you!

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    We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and questions on Amethyst bracelets. Feel free to post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you. 

    Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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    Li - May 29, 2021

    I just ordered 2 bracelets Amethyst and Black Tourmaline on your website. I saw the size of both bracelets are 9-10mm. Everything is ok with me, but if possible can you make me 10mm for my both bracelets? Thank you so much.

    Sheila Satin - November 21, 2020

    Hi Tin, it is not customary to weigh beaded gemstone bracelets. That being said, the weight will depend on the size of the bracelet and the millimeters of the beads, but I would guess they weigh around 1-2 ounces? I can get a better estimate for you once we get back to the studio after thanksgiving holidays in a week if you still need the weight for a specific purpose.

    Sheila Satin

    Tin - November 21, 2020

    What is the weight of this item?

    Sheila Satin - June 7, 2020

    Hi Hannah, you can read and watch the video on Amethyst for its healing properties:

    If you have any specific questions, let us know.

    Sheila Satin

    Hannah - June 7, 2020

    What does it do if you use amethyst stone

    Sheila Satin - October 15, 2019

    Hi Andrew, if you are asking if we have any Opal rings available for men, we do have one in stock at the moment which is adjustable to different finger sizes. Here is the link:

    Sheila Satin

    Andrew McKenzie - October 15, 2019
    How about a boulder opal ring for a man ?
    Sheila Satin - August 28, 2019

    Hi Alfredo, thanks for your email. Sounds like we were meant to reconnect after all this time, thanks to Amethyst! If you need any help with crystals or our website, please let me know! We’re just an email away. Have an abundant weekend, Sheila 😊

    Alf M - August 28, 2019

    Hi Sheila, Super cool coincidence but I recently spoke with a gentleman (an applicant I’m helping here at work) who told me about amethyst and how it’s been great for him. I remember you dig crystals and the first damn thing I find about you is a video you made on Amethyst last month. I just began talking working with guy last month. After all these years… Couldn’t not tell you about it. Anyway, I have amethyst now haha.

    Hope you’ve been well. Your site is super nice, by the way. Feels very personal and inviting but maintains a clean look and flow. Your genuine fuego for all things crystals really shines.

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