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New Moon Personality Game for July 28, 2022

moss agate crescent moonDear Friends, 

With each New Moon, you have an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Who do you want to be?

The July New Moon rises high on the 28th and the entire lunar cycle completes on August 27th. You are ready to let go of negativity and make room for positive personality traits. Changes, big or small, can make all the difference.

Join me in this New Moon Personality Game to learn how. It's fast, fun, and refreshingly new!

-Lisa Satin

New Moon Crystals for July 28, 2022


Pick the stone personality you wish to adopt right now:

rainbow fluorite sphere
Fluorite the Focused Genius 

brown and black sardonyx sphere
Sardonyx the Strong Warrior
amazonite sphere
Amazonite the Ascending Saint


Got your #1 personality pick in mind?

Once you've picked your stone, scroll down to find your personal New Moon reading for today. 

sheila of satin crystals pointing down

New Moon Crystal Reading

Your intuition leads you to the stone that works in your favor this month. Read about your New Moon crystal pick below...

Fluorite the Focused Genius

rainbow fluorite sphere

For the New Moon lunar cycle of July 28th to August 27th, your intuition has led you to Fluorite. You are meant to free the genius of your mind.

This month, you have one specific project to focus on. You probably already know what it is. It might be an upcoming exam, athletic competition, work assignment, or home renovation project. If you can't figure out what important task you're meant to complete, the Universe will show you in these next few days.

Do you know what your biggest obstacle is? It's your mind!

You must complete this mission, yet you are feeling scatterbrained.

What's causing you to be sidetracked? Too much stress? An addiction to social media or video games? A daydreaming personality? Demanding family members?

Well, cut it out! During this New Moon cycle, you must concentrate. Release your inner genius by using Fluorite crystals to help you focus. First, recognize  the priority on your to-do list. Participate in a light meditation holding a Fluorite pyramid to help you hone in on the goal. Gaze into a Fluorite sphere and a vision shall appear.

Next, aim for success. Don't let distractions get in your way this month. Wear Fluorite jewelry as you work on your mission like a busy bee. Fluorite tumbled stones in your pocket keep your mind on the game and bring success to your name.

Being a genius requires you to tap into your vast potential. Did you know that 90% of the brain goes unused? It is time to expand your mental capacity. It's all a part of the grand plan.

It's a New Moon and you are a focused genius with a mission to complete. Check out these Fluorite gems and jewels that lead you to great accomplishments.

Sardonyx the Strong Warrior

brown and black sardonyx sphere

For the New Moon lunar cycle of July 28th to August 27th, your intuition has led you to Sardonyx. You want to be a strong warrior who slays dark forces with ease.

You know that the planet can be a nasty place so you want to be prepared. On this New Moon, you're going to be a ninja who fights against negativity and emerges as the strong hero that we all need right now. 

Be prepared to confront battles in the home, at the workplace, and/or even within yourself. Instead of being startled by every new issue that comes your way, be a force of solid, smart strength. Carry Sardonyx with you to adopt the personality of the savvy warrior.

For some reason, people will provoke you during this New Moon cycle. This is to get a negative reaction out of you. Don't give them the satisfaction. Instead, counter enemy vibes by staying calm and strong while standing your ground. Wearing Sardonyx jewelry over the next 30 days will give you the upper hand. 

Place key Sardonyx stones around your home and workspace. This will cleanse the mucky energy that has built up over time. Prevent these ill-willed people from entering your life. When you Feng Shui your spaces with Sardonyx crystals, you'll find good luck and fortune replacing the drama. 

Like attracts like. What you like is peace, love, and happiness.

With this New Moon, you are gaining a new personality trait. You are the strong warrior. Instead of panicking at each challenge, you handle your situations with  ease. 

Become the superhero your friends and family need with Sardonyx. Check out these Sardonyx stones and jewelry that pave the way.

Amazonite the Ascending Saint

amazonite sphere

For the New Moon lunar cycle of July 28th to August 27th, your intuition has led you to Amazonite. You may not be a saint, yet you continue to strive for spiritual ascension.

It's easy to get caught up in the material world, but this month you will find the greatest success in the spiritual world. Turn to Amazonite crystals that help relax your mind. They take you to that tropical paradise you oh so deeply deserve. Calm your mental state and rediscover your passion for spirituality. 

Put aqua-toned Amazonite on your Throat chakra and you become a vessel of the higher realms. Not only are you meant to tap into the divine, but you are also destined to teach others through words.

Of course, you will not push your dogma onto those who do not care for it. Instead, you will find many eager souls that are willing to listen to your wisdom. Imagine the words flowing down from the heavens and out of your Throat chakra. Wear an Amazonite pendant or do healing with Amazonite tumbles near the throat for incredible results.

You are destined to be a beacon of light this New Moon cycle and for many moons to come. Add Amazonite gems and jewelry to your spiritual toolkit and experience a fast track to enlightenment. It is certainly a journey and one that's worth your while.

Reading Onward...

Have you used any of the crystals for this month's New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - July 27, 2020

Hi Sean, We have a whole article about opening the third eye chakra that you can find here:

And if you are looking for a third eye chakra crystals, you can check out our current collection at

Let me know if you have any specific Crystal questions after that.

Sheila Satin

Sean - July 27, 2020

Hi Good day. I would like to open my third eye are there any way to open mine. I will use it in good use not to do in bad way.

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